Happy birthday to me!

It’s my blog’s first birthday – yay!  I originally started it to document my road trip, but I’m glad I’ve kept it going.  Next up on the horizon is a trip to New York, a work conference in Sheffield, and a visit to the Coronation Street set.  For reals.

Let the seasons turn

In the bright spring sunshine, I took a drive to see my BFF’s brand new amazing digs in south London.  I donated a vintage Poang (yes, vintage), had a nosey around, poured a bucket of scorn on his bookshelf organisation, and we then went for a wander to explore his new neighbourhood. And I love his … More Let the seasons turn

A teenage Private Eye – trust me, I know how dumb that sounds

Exactly a year ago, I was pledging a good proportion of overdue back pay into the Veronica Mars Movie Kickstarter.  I had expected to get my poster, t-shirt – all the goodies I was promised – but I could only hope to get a good film.  I had lowered my expectations – TV shows rarely … More A teenage Private Eye – trust me, I know how dumb that sounds


Having a husband who works for a Danish company means that every now and again, I get an (almost) free trip to Copenhagen.  I haven’t been for about a year, and I was starting to get withdrawal symptoms so when Husband started planning meetings with his Danish co-workers, I started planning shopping and sightseeing. It … More Copenhagen

BUG 41

I have been trying to get tickets for Adam Buxton’s BUG for such a long time.  I’ve either been out of the country, away for work, or the tickets have sold out before I got to them, and for a while it felt like I was destined to never see BUG live.  So when my … More BUG 41