Beauty Advent Calendars – week 4

Week four is a short one, and uneven for the two calendars – Liberty choosing to give us 25 days on their advent instead of 24.  Not that I’m complaining!

Advent week 4


Day twenty-two – Liberty lavender and wild chamomile soap.  I had this last year and couldn’t bring myself to open the beautiful packaging.  I think I will now though – it’s silly to keep things for ‘best’.
Day twenty-three – Une Nuit A Bali dry shampoo.  This is exciting – something I’ve never heard of before.  It’s a powder rather than a spray, so I’ll give it a go!
Day twenty-four – Eve Lom cleanser.  I want to like this, but I just can’t get my head around the smell.  It’s the same scent as the Eve Lom cleanser I got last year, and it just makes me feel queasy.  Skin feels nice though.
Day twenty-five – Diptyque Tubereuse.  It’s amazing that they give us a Diptyque candle as the final gift.  That said, the one from last year gave me an awful migraine so I had to throw it away.  I hope it won’t be the same with this one

Marks and Spencer
Day twenty-two – REN Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial.  I’m never going to complain about more REN stuff.  This is very exciting.
Day twenty-three – Stila lip glaze.  I remember being a teenager, taking my first steps into the make-up world, and this lip glaze was the first lip product I tried.  Super happy to get this for twenty-three.
Day twenty-four – Morgan Taylor nail varnish.  Not heard of this brand before, but I’m sure I’ll be painting this on my nails shortly.

Even though week four is only half a week, I declare:

Week Four Winner
Marks and Spencer!

And that’s it all over for another year.   I think if there weren’t as many repeats of last year, Liberty would have stormed into the lead – they did up their game from last year by adding hair care products, not as many body lotions etc and I love all the new brands they included.

However Marks and Spencer did good too – I love their beauty hall, and this was a great representation of what they offer.

The main problem I have now is that my bedside table is completely overrun with miniature products.  Dozens.  I won’t need to buy any beauty items for the next few months anyway!

I’m off to enjoy my Christmas now.  WOO!

Beauty Advent Calendars – week 3

It’s 2-0 to Liberty.  Is this going to be Marks and Spencer’s week?

Liberty 15 week 3

Day fifteen – ESPA Optimal Skin Pro Cleanser.  I was not impressed with this cleanser in the Liberty 2014 calendar.  I’ll be giving this away.  Boo.
Day sixteen – Kiehl’s Amino Acid Shampoo.  This one I am pleased with.  I do love me some shampoo, and as you might be able to tell, my bottle is already half empty.  It’s a great product.
Day seventeen – NARS Audacious Mascara.  Why would you have two mascaras in one box?  One for each eye?
Day eighteen – Malin+Goetz vitamin E moisturiser.  Woo!  I love this brand, and am excited to try this out.
Day nineteen – Omorovicza Facial Polisher.  A lovely exfoliator/mask, but the very first time I used this, I got a piece of grit in my eye and it hurt like hell.  It still hurts.  I mean, obviously you’re not supposed to get it on your eyes but holy crapola.
Day twenty – Dr Sebagh Serum Repair.  I was really excited about this last year, and it’s an amazing product to have in the calendar, but I used it extensively and didn’t really see any difference.  I don’t think I’m the right customer for this product.
Day twenty-one – Surratt Lipslique.  I’m sure this is lovely, but I don’t wear lipstick.

Marks and Spencer
M&S week 3

Day fifteen – Roger and Gallet hand and nail balm.  I have seen this brand in M&S before but don’t have much of an opinion on this balm.  Smells nice I suppose
Day sixteen – Rodial Dragon’s Blood Sculpting Gel.  So I scoffed at this when I opened it, but it’s actually really good.  And it smells amazing.  I have high hopes for this one.
Day seventeen – Swell Ultimate Volume Masque.  This made my hair feel horrible. I don’t know if I used it wrong or something, but my hair ended up feeling dirty and lank.  Meh.
Day eighteen – Crabtree & Evelyn La Source Soap.  Honestly, I forgot I had this until I was writing this post.  It’s a soap.
Day nineteen – M&S Ultimate Shine lip colour.  This is really good!  I was very pleasantly surprised – very glittery.  I will definitely be using this up and investigating the other colours.
Day twenty – L’Occitane Verveine shower gel.  Yeah!  Love a bit of L’Occitane.
Day twenty-one – Pixi Glow Tonic.  Oh hello M&S!  Bringing out the big guns!  Nicely done – this is a lovely sized sample as well so I’ll be taking this on holiday with me.

Liberty have dialled it down a bit this week, so:

Week Three Winner
Marks and Spencer!

Beauty Advent Calendars – week 2

Liberty vs Marks and Spencer – GO!

Liberty 15 week 2

Day eight – Aurelia Miracle Cleaner.  This is a lovely cleansers, and came with THE MOST ADORABLE MUSLIN CLOTH.  Wrap something up in a bow, and I’m going to love it.
Day nine – Margaret Dabbs Nail and Cuticle Serum.  The cheeky monkeys changed the colour of the packaging, so I thought this was new.  Nope – repeat of last year.
Day ten – Deborah Lippman Magic Carpet Ride.  I put this all the day I received it and made a complete bloody mess.  I love these polishes, but they take a bastard long time to dry.  Must remember that.  Anyway, glittery black is A-OK for me
Day eleven – Davines Oi Absolute beautyfying potion.  This stuff is amazing.  I can’t believe the difference it makes just using three drops.  MIRACLE!
Day Twelve – Kai by Gaye Straza body lotion. Another repeat from last year – I’m not a body lotion person so boo.
Day Thirteen – Decleor Aroma Cleanse toning lotion.  I’m currently using the legendary Pixi Glow Tonic, but I’ll enjoy using this toner once I’m done.
Day Fourteen – Trish McEvoy Instant Eye Lift.  This product has some bold claims – lets see how it does with my hideous eye bags.

M&S week 2

Day eight – Marks and Spencer Pure Day Cream.  You can’t really blame M&S for slipping their own products in.  This one has gone to my Mum however.
Day nine – Filorga Time Filler.  This one has gone to Mummy as well.  My very pale skin is largely wrinkle-free so I don’t think I would have any benefit from this.
Day ten – Neal’s Yard Frankincense Nourishing Cream.  You cannot go wrong with Neal’s Yard.
Day eleven – Josh Wood Shampoo.  I tried his shampoo last year and it hated my hair.  So Mum has this now too.
Day Twelve – Diego Dalla Palma lipstick.  Uh, so this has also gone to my Mum because I don’t wear lipstick.
Day Thirteen – Mio Liquid Yoga.  This has stayed with me!  Need to feel a bit poorly now so I can use it (what an odd sentiment).
Day Fourteen – Percy and Reed No Oil Oil.  I love Percy and Reed.  On a normal day, this would win but the Davines one from Liberty beats it hands down.

Sorry M&S – based on the fact that four out of seven items went to my Mum:

Week Two Winner

Beauty Advent Calendars – week 1

I’ve decided to battle my two beauty calendars against each other.  Who will win week one?

Liberty 15 week 1

Day one – Byredo Bal D’Afrique hand cream.  I’ve used this a couple of times and it smells wonderful.  And expensive.
Day two – Ren Moroccan Rose body wash.  Ren is always a winner and is one of my favourite brands.
Day three – Escentric Molecules 03.  Husband has already stolen this from me.
Day four – Hourglass Film Noir mascara.  Hourglass is one of those expensive brands that everyone seems to love so it’ll be good to try this.
Day five – Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant.  I’ve already been playing with this and it is so good.  Weird, but good.
Day six – Aromatherapy Associates De-stress muscle gel.  I think I’ll take this on holiday with me to use after a long day of walking about.
Day seven – Co Bigelow rose salve.  A repeat from last year.  Don’t even care though, as this is my favourite lip balm in the entire world.

Marks and Spencer
M&S week 1
Day one – Philip Kingsley Elasticizer.  Bringing out the big guns on day one!  This is the geranium and neroli version so will be interesting to see if that makes a difference, but this is a strong product to start
Day two – Burt’s Bees lemon butter cuticle cream.  Another solid item.  Will look forward to slathering this on my hands.
Day three – Cowshed Grumpy Cow body lotion.  I am more into the Knackered Cow scent, but I’m liking Grumpy Cow too.
Day four – Pür Minerals Volume Vixen mascara.  Coincidentally, another mascara for day four.  I haven’t heard of Pür Minerals before.  Is the umlaut over the U for function or design.  That’s my main question.
Day five – Leighton Denny nail repair cream.  I see Leighton Denny products in M&S fairly often, but I’ve only just discovered that this isn’t the woman from Gossip Girl.  That’s Leighton Meester.  Oh.
Day six – M&S Nuit Parfum.  This is apparently a perfume designed by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.  And yet is smells like something an old lady would wear.
Day seven – Rituals Zensation shower gel.  This looks fun – a gel that turns into a foam.  I have a feeling Husband will be stealing this as well.

Week One Winner

Mainly for the Dermalogica and Co Bigelow.  Although M&S put up a very good fight.

Mid-November, got back on the scene

We’ve just returned from an incredibly peaceful holiday in North Cornwall so I’ve spent the day sorting through photos for lots of blogging.  However, I was interrupted by the DHL man with…

Advent CalendarMy ridiculously heavy Liberty Beauty Advent Calendar.  I saw this a couple of months ago on the British Beauty Blogger website and instantly fell in love.  It went on sale on Thursday, so I sat in the car on the A39 on the way back from Clovelly, mobile phone in one hand and debit card in the other.

I haven’t been tempted by a beauty advent calendar before (other than buying an old Ciate one in the sales last year) as I didn’t love one brand enough to splash out.  The Liberty one is perfect for me as it features a different brand behind each door and I am SO EXCITED to get opening.  I now have to wait three weeks with the calendar calling me – Husband has already yelled “CHEAT” at me every time I even look at it.   I don’t quite know how I’ll last.