Beauty Advent Calendars – week 4

Week four is a short one, and uneven for the two calendars – Liberty choosing to give us 25 days on their advent instead of 24.  Not that I’m complaining!

Advent week 4


Day twenty-two – Liberty lavender and wild chamomile soap.  I had this last year and couldn’t bring myself to open the beautiful packaging.  I think I will now though – it’s silly to keep things for ‘best’.
Day twenty-three – Une Nuit A Bali dry shampoo.  This is exciting – something I’ve never heard of before.  It’s a powder rather than a spray, so I’ll give it a go!
Day twenty-four – Eve Lom cleanser.  I want to like this, but I just can’t get my head around the smell.  It’s the same scent as the Eve Lom cleanser I got last year, and it just makes me feel queasy.  Skin feels nice though.
Day twenty-five – Diptyque Tubereuse.  It’s amazing that they give us a Diptyque candle as the final gift.  That said, the one from last year gave me an awful migraine so I had to throw it away.  I hope it won’t be the same with this one

Marks and Spencer
Day twenty-two – REN Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial.  I’m never going to complain about more REN stuff.  This is very exciting.
Day twenty-three – Stila lip glaze.  I remember being a teenager, taking my first steps into the make-up world, and this lip glaze was the first lip product I tried.  Super happy to get this for twenty-three.
Day twenty-four – Morgan Taylor nail varnish.  Not heard of this brand before, but I’m sure I’ll be painting this on my nails shortly.

Even though week four is only half a week, I declare:

Week Four Winner
Marks and Spencer!

And that’s it all over for another year.   I think if there weren’t as many repeats of last year, Liberty would have stormed into the lead – they did up their game from last year by adding hair care products, not as many body lotions etc and I love all the new brands they included.

However Marks and Spencer did good too – I love their beauty hall, and this was a great representation of what they offer.

The main problem I have now is that my bedside table is completely overrun with miniature products.  Dozens.  I won’t need to buy any beauty items for the next few months anyway!

I’m off to enjoy my Christmas now.  WOO!

2 thoughts on “Beauty Advent Calendars – week 4

  1. Is a powder dry shampoo not just basically talc? The dry shampoo of olden days before it existed in a spray? 😀

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