Mr Jones Watches Collection

There are very few things in this world that bring me unmitigated joy – Mr Jones Watches is one of them. My collection has even been featured on the MJW blog which I was delighted about.
This page details my current (ever-growing) collection.

August 2014 – Sun and Moon

Sample Sale, August 2015 – Ossify and Last Laugh Tattoo

Sample Sale, August 2016 – The New Decider, King, Cyclops

Sample Sale August 2016, part 2 – Chinoiserie gold King (sample)

10th birthday sale, August 2017 – Dog, Nuage (Limited Edition), Colour Venn (original)

December 2017 – Wanderlust

May 2018 – The Hidden City (Limited Edition)

Sample Sale August 2018 – Good Things, Late Again

November 2018 – Vertigo (Limited Edition)

April 2019 – The 100th (Limited Edition)

June 2019 – Robotto Shi (Sample)

October 2019 – A Perfectly Useless Morning (Limited Edition)

February 2020 – The Ascendant (Limited Edition)

April 2020 – All This Will Pass

August 2020 – The Promise of Happiness (Sample)

September 2020 – Paper Crane (Limited Edition)

Jan 2021 – Mare Adesso (Sample)