Mr Jones Watches – Mare Adesso

Back in summer 2020, I missed out on the limited edition Mare Adesso watch. I spent too long thinking about it, and by the time I logged on, it had sold out – they mentioned on their blog that it was their fasting selling watch. It was designed by Matteo Girardi “as a celebration of nature and the freedom of the oceans” and it’s clearly (and rightfully!) one of their most popular designs.

They made a permanent edition a couple of months later, changing the colour scheme from the limited edition orange to a beautiful blue. I still loved it, and put it on my wishlist for the next time I felt the need to splash out on a new watch.

And then in January, we were treated to a sample sale and HELLO SUNSET!

I love the black casing, I love the gradient – it’s just such a perfect colour combination and I was so excited to buy this version. They actually had 6 different colour combos in their Instagram sample sale and I was torn between a few of them but this won me over.

Such a cute back with a little turtle as well!

Up until these most recent blog posts, I had joked that I’d entirely lost track of my collection and uh, well that’s kinda true. But I have just added them all up and Mare Adesso is number 23. That’s a totally reasonable number of watches for one person to have.

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