Mr Jones Watches – Paper Crane

My next watch purchase was made at the same time I moved to Scotland last year. The wonderful Mr Jones Watches team held onto it for a couple of days for me, so this was the first parcel that arrived after I moved.

It’s stunning. Just phenomenally stunning. Paper Crane by the incredible artist, Hannah Sung.

I actually took some photos of this last week but when I reviewed them yesterday, I realised that they didn’t show how gorgeous it is, so I re-took the photos. The gold is so reflective and works so perfectly with the matte back case, and that turquoise blue is so dreamy. During the day, the hours are represented by a red crane, and at night, it’s a paper crane. Hannah’s explanation for this is amazing:

I chose the paper crane motif to soar through the night sky on this watch. Its change from a literal bird to an origami one represents the continued existence of the childhood dream in the quiet hours after the sun has gone down.

At the time, we were spending so much money on moving our whole lives north so I initially decided against buying it, but I’m so glad I changed my mind because I would have regretted it.

They have now released a non-limited edition of the watch which looks slightly different in case you missed the first release last year.

So that was my last watch purchase of 2020 – a solid year for my watch collection. Up next on the blog, my first watch of 2021!

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