You got spirit, yes you do!


Finally, the Prince Charles Cinema got ahold of the Veronica Mars Movie, so I of course jumped at the opportunity to see the film in my favourite cinema seat in the UK.  Tim was kind enough to come with me, despite the fact the poor lamb seemed exhausted, and I met him after work in Soho Square which is looking a bit grimy since the last time I was there.

We wandered into Soho to Honest Burger for some yummy honest burgers.  They’d kindly sorted out a table for us really quickly so there was no wait at all, which was pretty lucky as I was starving.  I was initially confused by not having a fork, but I went with it as I didn’t want to appear to be a nerd and dug in with my fingers.  Tim’s homemade lemonade looked delicious, and I regretted not having it but overall, I really enjoyed trying out somewhere I hadn’t been before.

Looking for something sweet, we stopped in to Scoop Gelato where I managed not to spill coffee and chocolate gelato down me and we continued our always random and obscure chat, which is what I’ve come to love from my Tim dates.


I think this is the first time I’ve been to the Prince Charles Cinema without getting straight into pyjamas, and it felt a bit weird sitting without a blanket and a bag full of snacks to get me through the night, but we did manage to get our usual seats so I was happy.  The screening was part of the PCC’s Geek Out series (they’ve previously had Serenity) so there was a quick check to see if anyone was in fancy dress – I had briefly considered going as a dead Lilly Kane (not really) but no one else was playing.  Then a quick quiz, which I’m pretty sure we would have won if we’d taken part.

And then the film.  I have seen it a couple of times on Blu-Ray since my one and only cinema screening, coincidentally round the corner from the PCC, but I purposely haven’t watched it since booking these tickets.  It still made me laugh and jump in all the right places, but I only cried once this time.  Tim giggled at everything Dick Casablancas said, and I giggled when he failed to put his bum on the seat on the way back from the bathroom.  It was lovely seeing it at the PCC, and I hope this isn’t the last time I get to see it at the cinema.

In order to get our step counts up, we walked back from Leicester Square to Waterloo, through the groups of drunken morose England fans (HA!), and then I jumped onto the train waiting to take me back home.

Most likely to blog

VM main

The final piece of my Veronica Mars Kickstarter puzzle arrived today.


VM Kristin


VM Signatures

Good job they signed next to their photos!

VM Rob Kristin

Rob and Kristen

I’m sad Chris Lowell and Tina Majorino didn’t sign, but they only said they hoped to get everyone.  I got KBell’s though – that’s important!

Now, where the hell am I going to put it?

A teenage Private Eye – trust me, I know how dumb that sounds

Empire cinema

Exactly a year ago, I was pledging a good proportion of overdue back pay into the Veronica Mars Movie Kickstarter.  I had expected to get my poster, t-shirt – all the goodies I was promised – but I could only hope to get a good film.  I had lowered my expectations – TV shows rarely make good films which is perfectly acceptable as they’re very different mediums.

I had Kickstarted enough to get me a digital download, and the temptation to download it Friday morning to watch on my Nexus 7 was overwhelming.  I was in Manchester this week for a work conference and the film would have been perfect to make my long train journey home go faster.  But I held out and made my way over to the Empire Leicester Square to the SMALLEST SCREEN possible to see it as Rob Thomas intended.

I’ve actually been sat here struggling to put my thoughts into words.  I’ve said before that I’m not good at reviewing films beyond “it made me cry therefore it was good” and for Veronica Mars, I may have started tearing up pretty much the second the film started, so… therefore it was good.  It was really good.  I jumped and gasped on many occasions which I’m led to believe is good for a film noir.  The script felt very close to the original brilliance of the TV series, which I suppose might come across a bit weird, because who would sound like a teenager when they’re almost 30.  But to me, that just says more about the extraordinary writing of the series.  My emotions were all over the place and after leaving the cinema, I immediately wanted to go back in to the next screening.

Which I couldn’t do as there were only four screenings on Friday and I’m pretty sure they were all sold out which is great, but also a really shitty way to promote a film.  There are 10 cinemas screening the film in the UK and Ireland, and I don’t have one near me (London is an hour or so away on the train).  How can the film ever be expected to succeed when they don’t actually SHOW IT ANYWHERE.  And it was shown at Empire and Showcase cinemas – I didn’t even know there were still Showcase cinemas.  It’s such a shame it wasn’t on at a Vue or Odeon.  The full extent of the Empire Leicester Squares promotion is in my photo above – Veronica didn’t even get a big 27″x40″ poster.  Of course it’s going to ‘fail’.

I’ve also read some pretty ridiculous reviews from writers who clearly just want to kick Veronica Mars – for what reason, I’m not sure, but some of the criticisms I’ve read have been that the film was too visually dark, that it was impossible to follow, that it was just like The OC (um, what?).  One of the reviews I read this morning featured photos from season 3 and nothing about the plot, just that the fans wasted their  $5.7 million and that the film was childish.  They’re not interested in being unbiased.

It clear that all this will ensure that only fans will see this film in the UK, and maybe that’s ok.  We paid for it, so it’s fitting that it was made for us.  I do think you haven’t seen Veronica Mars, you’re insane and you need to rectify this immediately, but I don’t really care if no one else sees it because I have had my fix.  Unfortunately, this does mean I’m going to need another fix pretty soon, so please can I have some more.  Pretty please?

My love for Veronica’s world is epic.  Spanning years and continents. Lives ruined, bloodshed.


Private Eye is watching you

Veronica Mars

A now, a quick break in our scheduled programming to bring you this update.

YAY!  My Veronica Mars Kickstarter T-shirt has arrived!  I have been giddy about this project since it was announced, and especially since starting and finishing my re-watch of the show.  The teaser trailers they’ve been releasing have almost sent me into a euphoric fit and I.  CANNOT.  WAIT.

I wasn’t as involved with the Veronica Mars fandom as some others (don’t ask) but I did start watching when season 1 was airing so being a part of it from the start is a good feeling.  I’m just hoping that we get a fair share of the cinema release in the UK so I can go see it twenty times.

We’re still waiting for Husband’s t-shirt (which is really my second shirt), and my signed poster which should arrive at some point closer to the release (if I remember correctly).

The Veronica Mars season one marathon at the Prince Charles Cinema is looking a little bit tempting in my manic fangirl state…

Veronica Mars is smarter than you

Finally, the day I’ve been waiting for for almost two weeks has arrived – the Veronica Mars Kickstarter project has opened to UK donors.

And I’m so excited!  The only negative in this is that Michael Muhney won’t get to be in the film.  Mainly because his character, Sheriff Lamb, did not survive season 3 which was a TRAGEDY!  Michael was an absolute doll when I met him a few years back (I was starstruck into muteness in front of him) and it feels wrong to have an addition to the Veronica Mars canon without him.  I demand flashbacks!

Admittedly, I should really be spending my money on a new oven, seeing as the old one is probably dripping melted metal on to my food.  Who needs food when you have the promise of a t-shirt and signed poster!