June Things

Is it time for the second instalment of my monthly things already?  But I’ve barely done anything all month! June has whizzed by, with my downtime spent mostly online researching my next holiday (New York, very imminently).  So what else have I done (*scrolls through Instagram and my bank account…) My Garden At the end … More June Things

Book review 2015

Once again, I’ve tried to spend every spare moment reading, and have reached a tally of 81 books completed in 2015 (possibly a couple more if I can get them done by Friday).  I’ve read a few books this year that others raved about but I didn’t get at all – Fates and Furies by … More Book review 2015

Book review 2014

I think I’ve upped my reading game this year, and have been buying less crap.  Actually, this is clearly a lie as you can see from my Good Reads account, but I have at least felt shame and regret upon completion of said crap books.  I finished my 77th book on New Year’s Eve (last year, I made … More Book review 2014


I’ve had a mess around with my new glasses and my current favourite book to make a new header for my blog, and I’ve changed the colours about a bit.  I had a think about changing the theme, but I still really like my theme so I’ll stick with it for now. The book is … More F5

Book review 2013

I managed to get to 70 books for 2013, and yes, the majority of them have been forgotten already.  Logging them on Good Reads has been really useful and I’ve found some great recommendations through it, especially YA books.  Anyway, these are my favourites in no particular order, and largely without spoilers: Allegiant by Veronica … More Book review 2013

It’s just nice to meet another human that shares my affinity for elf culture

I unashamedly love Christmas.  I love getting gifts, I love giving gifts, I love the food, and I love being around my family.  And I’ve been lucky enough to have some pretty great Christmases.  This year was no different. We stayed at my in-laws Christmas Eve and opened our first gifts there when we woke … More It’s just nice to meet another human that shares my affinity for elf culture