cropped-mainheader.gifI’ve had a mess around with my new glasses and my current favourite book to make a new header for my blog, and I’ve changed the colours about a bit.  I had a think about changing the theme, but I still really like my theme so I’ll stick with it for now.

The book is The Secret History by Donna Tartt which I am reading about 22 years late, but it doesn’t feel dated at all.  I cannot wait to finish to see how it ends, but what’s really nice is Husband has just finished reading it, so we’ve got like a little book club going.  He asks me every day where I’m up to and we have an indepth discussion about it.  It’s set at a Vermont college, and this particular page made me laugh as it mentions my job!

3 thoughts on “F5

    1. I like how almost passive-aggresive that sounds. Every time I see your text congratulating me on my average face, I do a little laugh.

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