Wow Balloons – BUG 49

BUG49Husband and I were on our own for BUG 49 as Tim had a hipster party to attend.  Dr Buckles was on sparkling form however, and showed a great selection of videos.  My favourites:

I haven’t heard of Stealing Sheep before, but this song led to us staying up late to listen to their album.  A ridiculously brilliant video as well.

I debated about putting this video by Raleigh Ritchie on here, only because I thought it was a bit lazy and contrived, but I really like the song.

Adam Buxton was grooving away to this song by Ogris Debris as the very stylish video played.  I really loved the visual style for this video.

The viral videos used in this music video by The Shoes are hypnotically funny.  Anyone who uses James Van Der Beek in their video wins in my books.

I know of Tame Impala but didn’t know what kind of music the band was.  I actually really liked this song, and the video was beautifully filmed.  Although it makes me a little nervous for my upcoming flight.

Friday was the first of my two visits to the BFI that weekend.  I should have just slept there overnight to save money on the train ticket.

They’d Better Be Building a Kitchen – Bug 48


Another photo of Dr Buckles on his bike signals another Bug review. I’ll need to think of more creative ways to photograph his lovely cycling pre-credits sequence.

As with the last Bug, I didn’t love all of the songs, but I have become obsessed with one of them at least:

Robin Schulz’s Sugar is insanely catchy. I cannot get it out of my head. The video is a cute take-off of the Taylor Swift cop video and amused me for a few minutes, but it’s the song that’s most memorable. I was worried Robin Schulz was a douchey DJ dude, but he’s European so that’s impossible. I’ve just discovered that Nathan Barnatt who stars in this video was also in a Yelle video for Que Veux-Tu which is one of the best songs ever.

Data Ft Benny Sings – Don’t Sing is a good concept for a video. I loved the moment when I suddenly understood what was going on.

The video for Darwin Deez’s Kill Your Attitude had me rolling my eyes a bit – a female video character lead and all she’s concerned about is the washing up and dirty laundry? Really? But it’s a catchy song – I hadn’t heard of Darwin Deez before so I think I’m going to investigate further.

I loved the video for Lights by Hurts, mainly because it reminded me a little of a club I used to go to when I was younger. The choreography is great, and I’m just a teensiest bit in love with Theo Hutchcraft because of it. I’ve heard their song “Wonderful Life” on XFM and Lights continues along the same vein, so another band for the list.

Bug was the first of two shows that we’ll see Adam at this month – we’re off to the Greenwich Comedy Festival next weekend to see him again. He ended Bug with a very funny Bob Dylan video which I would guess he’ll show again at the festival, but we shall see.

Clever, I’m very clevery guy

dhmisThis short film nearly made Tim poop himself.  I mentioned this in my last post but it warrants mentioning again.

Don’t Hug Me, I’m Scared is a “musical horror” series, currently up to episode 4.  It was created by Becky Sloan and Joseph Pelling, two insanely talented people who have also created music videos, other short films, and a Selfridges window display.   Adam Buxton showed the latest episode at Bug and I loved it so much that I have since rewatched it a bunch of times.

I love that what starts out as a lovely children’s story about computers turns into a demented descent into utter madness – Adam Buxton confirmed that you should absolutely not show this to children which I think he learnt first hand.

Our favourite part is around 3:15 where Colin the Computer is explaining to Red Guy, Yellow Guy, and Green Bird what 3 things you do in the Digital World.  I had tears of laughter pouring down my face and Tim could barely breath.

I guess you had to be there…

dhmis2The other three episodes are pretty funny as well, but my favourite is number 4.  I can’t wait until the next episode comes out.

Stop Looking at the Monkey – Bug 47

Bug 47This blog will be peppered with photos of Dr Buckles on his bike if I keep going to see Bug.  And I plan to keep going as watching music videos for a couple of hours is a very pleasurable way to spend an evening.

I didn’t enjoy as much of the music in this show, but some of the videos were fantastic.  There now follows a list of my favourites.

Such a great narrative from Hot Chip’s Need You Know.  I was mesmerised during it, trying to unravel the different threads.  Plus, I didn’t realise Hot Chip members looked like that – I don’t know who I thought they were.

This is possibly the most amazing video I have ever seen.  It took four months make and I immediately want to reposition the pins on my pinboard at work.  Wow.  Genuine astonishment from me.

I was going to post Róisín Murphy’s video for Evil Eye but I can’t seem to find it on YouTube.  The style in her video was gorgeous – a lovely bit of 1980s feathered hair and sexy porch.  To be clear, I mean the porch in a house.  I’ll wait for it to appear on YouTube to make some more notes.

Adam ended the evening with this adorably surreal dance off starring Jus Reign and Timothy DeLaGhetto.  They are both very talented men to dance with such banal looks on their faces.  I’m probably too old to appreciate a Vine star but this old lady did have a bit of a giggle.

I’ll leave my favourite video from the evening for a separate post because it nearly made Tim poop himself so I think it rightfully deserves it’s own post.

Also, Jonathan Ross was there which is nothing to do with the rest of this post, but that marks two Adam Buxton gigs that I’ve seen Jonathan at now.

Space Comma – Bug 46

Bug 46

As Tim pointed out to me, I haven’t actually been to a ‘proper’ Bug.  My very first last year was hosted by Doc Brown so apparently doesn’t count but hurrah, I have now lost my Adam Buxton Bug virginity with a visit to Bug 46 on Friday night.

We were mesmerised by Dr Buckle’s pre-show video of a trip around Norwich on his bike, before the man himself appeared on stage singing “That’s not my Name” – they call him short man, they call him big face, but that’s not his name.

He spoke for a few minutes on how things in the music scene have changed since he hosted Bug 14 months ago, and showed us some amazing photos of him and Joe from their younger days before launching into the videos, and the first was one of my favourites from the evening.

Somebody New by Joywave has been in my head for the last 24 hours and it’s such a great video – I love the skateboard videogame glitches!  I listened to Tongues earlier today as well (which I’m fairly certain I’ve heard before) and loved it.  Their album will be mine when it’s released.

My next fav followed straight after Joywave:

I actually had a bit of a weepy moment watching this video – it was so perfect!  The song was pretty awesome too – Black and White by The Staves.  The director, Jack Whitely, was in the audience and told us that the video was loosely based on a true story.  It made me want to go home and immediately eighties-myself up.  Another album on my wishlist.

The video for Crushed Pleats by Dralms was hypnotising, although some of it did freak me out a little.

Innocent by Hundred Waters was insanely cute.

And I am so happy that Sleater-Kinney‘s A New Wave was shown. I’m on a real Sleater-Kinney kick at the moment – my last two blog posts have used their song lyrics – and it was so great to see Buxton rocking out behind his laptop.  I couldn’t not dance in my seat as well.

The last video that caught my eye was Cruisr – All Over

I defy anyone to watch this and not try to identify as many films as they can.  Amazing animation by Chris Carboni.

In addition to Adam’s now legendary YouTube comment reading, he also treated us to a couple of videos that have amused him as well as a preview of one of Lianne La Havas‘s new songs, recorded on his iPhone when he interviewed her last year.  It sounded glorious and whilst it’s not my usual taste, I fell in love with her a little bit.

It was a really great selection of videos and the audience was much better more respectful than the last time.  Plus, Adam looked amazing – super hot.

Next Bug please!

BUG 41


I have been trying to get tickets for Adam Buxton’s BUG for such a long time.  I’ve either been out of the country, away for work, or the tickets have sold out before I got to them, and for a while it felt like I was destined to never see BUG live.  So when my BFF emailed a couple of months ago asking if I wanted him to get tickets for BUG 41, I quickly scrambled to say YES PLEASE.  And success – tickets were bought.

And then we found out Adam Buxton wasn’t going to be hosting.  OH FOR GOD’S SAKE!

The BFI announced a couple of weeks later that they’d drafted in Doc Brown who I think I knew from somewhere (a panel show maybe?) and I hoped that he’d be doing the show with a similar humour to Dr Buckles.

After a spicy dinner at the new Wahaca in Waterloo, we made our way through the rain to the BFI and found our seats in NFT 1 amongst the many bearded men.

Doc Brown (also known as Ben Bailey Smith) alluded to the fact he couldn’t rip off Buxton’s YouTube comments review, so came up with his own thing – Singalonga Shitbags.  I giggled insanely at his lyrics to instrumental music in films such as Jurassic Park, Last of the Mohicans, and Face Off, and I would quite happily pay to see him doing two hours of this.  He showed a clip from a Bollywood film called Singham which garnered cheers from the audience, and his comment on Oneohtrix Point Never amused me greatly (“That’s his name, because hipster is out of control”).

The purpose of the evening was music videos though, and I was actually looking forward to seeing music from bands and artists I previously hadn’t heard from before.  In particular, I have become a little obsessed by Rudimental‘s Not Giving In and I’m going to spend the weekend looking into them.

Some of the videos were a little pretentious and I did roll my eyes on a couple of occasions.  Ben interviewed Josh Cole who directed the above video, plus a whole bunch of others, and what I mainly got from the interview and videos was dude needs to calm down with the helicopter use.

I really loved the Elbow video Ben showed – I thought it was really beautiful despite not being a Elbow fan

I also really loved the Grace Jones vibe from Julio Bashmore‘s Peppermint ft Jessie Ware

We got to see videos for Burning House, Fidlar, Louis Mattrs, and The Last Skeptik amongst others.  And this is probably the only time you’ll read those names on my blog as I am far too untrendy for this music.  But that’s partly why I enjoyed BUG – I wouldn’t come across these short films in my day-to-day life, so it was really good to be exposed to something new.

The audience did feel a little cliquey – not sure if this happens at other BUGs, but it seemed as though everyone behind us was connected to one of the music video directors.  Unfortunately, this did mean that a couple of people WOULD NOT SHUT THE HELL UP.  It was an odd atmosphere, partly because of the Chatty Cathys at the back and because people were constantly in and out of their seats – it kind of felt like a gig or something.  It was a bit difficult to fully appreciate the videos with those distractions.

Overall, I did enjoy my first BUG, and I don’t think it’ll be my last.  Hopefully my calendar will be clear for the next show.