Space Comma – Bug 46

Bug 46

As Tim pointed out to me, I haven’t actually been to a ‘proper’ Bug.  My very first last year was hosted by Doc Brown so apparently doesn’t count but hurrah, I have now lost my Adam Buxton Bug virginity with a visit to Bug 46 on Friday night.

We were mesmerised by Dr Buckle’s pre-show video of a trip around Norwich on his bike, before the man himself appeared on stage singing “That’s not my Name” – they call him short man, they call him big face, but that’s not his name.

He spoke for a few minutes on how things in the music scene have changed since he hosted Bug 14 months ago, and showed us some amazing photos of him and Joe from their younger days before launching into the videos, and the first was one of my favourites from the evening.

Somebody New by Joywave has been in my head for the last 24 hours and it’s such a great video – I love the skateboard videogame glitches!  I listened to Tongues earlier today as well (which I’m fairly certain I’ve heard before) and loved it.  Their album will be mine when it’s released.

My next fav followed straight after Joywave:

I actually had a bit of a weepy moment watching this video – it was so perfect!  The song was pretty awesome too – Black and White by The Staves.  The director, Jack Whitely, was in the audience and told us that the video was loosely based on a true story.  It made me want to go home and immediately eighties-myself up.  Another album on my wishlist.

The video for Crushed Pleats by Dralms was hypnotising, although some of it did freak me out a little.

Innocent by Hundred Waters was insanely cute.

And I am so happy that Sleater-Kinney‘s A New Wave was shown. I’m on a real Sleater-Kinney kick at the moment – my last two blog posts have used their song lyrics – and it was so great to see Buxton rocking out behind his laptop.  I couldn’t not dance in my seat as well.

The last video that caught my eye was Cruisr – All Over

I defy anyone to watch this and not try to identify as many films as they can.  Amazing animation by Chris Carboni.

In addition to Adam’s now legendary YouTube comment reading, he also treated us to a couple of videos that have amused him as well as a preview of one of Lianne La Havas‘s new songs, recorded on his iPhone when he interviewed her last year.  It sounded glorious and whilst it’s not my usual taste, I fell in love with her a little bit.

It was a really great selection of videos and the audience was much better more respectful than the last time.  Plus, Adam looked amazing – super hot.

Next Bug please!

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