Oh My Goodie Goodness – March Review

GG Mar

Regular readers may have noted a sharp decline in my Goodie Goodness love over the last few months, so much so that I have cancelled my subscription.  However, I was apparently still due a March box.  I actually received it quite late, and what was more annoying was that it was too big for my letter box so I had to go to the Post Office to collect it.  Grr.  Anyway, this is what was inside:

A balloon and banner from the Little Lovely Company.  Ignoring the fact that a party with a single black balloon and black banner is a pretty freaking miserable party, the banner is kinda sweet.  There are 138 letters to make your own banner and their font is very pretty, but it’s the second cardboard banner Goodie Goodness have done in the last 6 months.  I don’t know how much whimsy you’d need in your life to warrant two banners up in your house but it’s too much whimsy for me.

The other artist is Be-Poles, and the gift is a… PAPER BAG?!?!

GG Paper bag

A paper bag?  Are you KIDDING me?  Who the hell has space in their life for a giant paper bag?  Good lord.

Anyway, that’s me out of the Goodie Goodness trap.  I’m pinning my hopes to Not Another Bill now.

GG bye

Ah, so the banner did come in use (although this was going to be “Goodbye Goodie Goodness” but I got myself in such a rage trying to find the letters and string them up that “bye” was all I could muster).

Oh My Goodie Goodness – February review

One of my mother’s favourite sayings to me when I was younger was “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.”

Keep that in mind when looking at the following photo review of the Goodie Goodness February box.

The felt vase cover and coaster are from Studioblomm.

The postcards and poster is from The Birds and the Bees – I can’t seem to find her webshop to link.

I did like the paper wrapping.

And that is all I will say about this month.

Oh My Goodie Goodness January review

I wonder if the creators of Goodie Goodness had an idea of how long people would subscribe for, because it does feel a little as thought they’ve started to run out of unique ideas.  The main ‘gift’ in the January box is lovely though.

GG bag

The artist for January are Wow For You, a screenprinting duo from The Netherlands.  The canvas bag is really nice, unique for Goodie Goodness subscribers, and actually a decent size for shopping which is most unusual for tote bags.

GG calendar

There’s a really nice calendar which I was pleased about as I need a new calendar for my ‘cubicle’ screen at work, but unfortunately, it’s a bit too big 😦

GG Jan cards

Some cards.  Again.  Please Goodie Goodness, stop with the cards.  I have so many now!

GG pompom

Ooo, an exciting mystery gift.  What can it be?

GG pompom2

Oh.  A pom pom.  In 2014, I will be trying to live William Morris’s golden rule or of “have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful”.  I’m afraid this pom pom will be a casualty of that rule.

Oh My Goodie Goodness – December Review

December = Christmas, surely?  Well, not for Goodie Goodness.  Whilst I like the contents of this month’s box, I was expecting Christmas to hit me in the face but sadly all I got was a gentle nudge.  I guess not everyone celebrates Christmas so perhaps they didn’t want people to be offended?  Who knows.  Anyway, on to the photos.

GG Dec wrap

Cute gift tags

GG Dec bag main

Jee Dipla bag

First out of the box is this incredibly soft leather make up bag.  Admittedly, I couldn’t fit my ‘every day’ make up into this bag, but it will be very useful when I’m travelling for my carry on luggage.  The lining is also very soft, so wouldn’t scratch a mobile phone if I wanted to carry that in here.

GG Dec bag

The bag is made by Jee Bags, founded by Janneke Peters.  I love some of the items on her site – the bags in particular.

And now, the gentle Christmas nudge.

GG Dec decoration

A very adorable decoration from Jotte, already in my tree.  Handmade from white clay and a black wax cord, it’s just sad that this will only be out for a few weeks a year.  Miranda Lugtenburg’s blog is full of lovely products and she’s a very talented designer.

Oh My Goodie Goodness – November Review


Before the last two days of my trip report, I’m sneaking in a Goodie Goodness review of the November box.  This month featured two artists – one Dutch, one English.

First up, two stamps from Miss Honeybird.

GGNov 4

They’re very adorable – one has a triangle pattern and one says Hip Hip Hooray.  I got an ink stamp with it so had a bit of a play but I can’t get them to stamp properly 😦  Maybe it was the ink.  Also from Miss Honeybird were a couple of postcards.


The stamps on her website are very adorable, and if I was into stamping, I’d be all over them.

The English contribution to the box were from Mulk.


Two notebooks made from recycled paper.


And a letter writing set and note cards, again from recycled paper.  The geometric designs are very striking and I love that the ‘plastic’ wrap was made from cornstarch so is also recyclable.

They’re really great items, but I am building up a notebook and postcard backlog, so hopefully there’ll be something a bit different in December’s box.  CHRISTMAS THINGS!

Oh My Goodie Goodness – October review

Pretty part tags1

This review was supposed to have been done a couple of weeks ago, but my every waking hour has been devoted to holiday planning (which is exhausting!) so anything else has taken a back seat.

I think we’re done with planning for today which is finally allowing me to write up the October Goodie Goodness box, which this month is a ‘ party box’ from Oh So Pretty Party, a Dutch party decoration and stationery company.


Inside were five adorably cute and typographically perfect gift tags.

Ribbon medal

A special “award ribbon” for someone who is a bit fragile (maybe?)

card confetti

Two postcards, and a test tube full of confetti (be warned – if you receive a card from me in the next couple of months, it will be full of this confetti).


Hooray!  A garland!  I’m not really a party planning person, but I do really like this garland, so why do I need to wait for a party?

Bookcase garland

Please ignore the horrifically dusty shelf

Plus, not pictured, a cute notebook from Goodie Goodness.

Last month, I wrote how I was undecided on whether I would be keeping my subscription.  Well, I’m still on the fence.  I do really like this box, but I waiting for something new and different.  Maybe I’ll keep it for one more month…

Oh My Goodie Goodness – September review

Eva and Anne back

Last month, I was a little underwhelmed by my Goodie Goodness box which was partly down to my inability to enjoy objects connected to housework.  The September box was going to have to win me back over and holy crap, it did.

I love it.  I love it, I love it, I LOVE IT.  Does that emphasise how much I love this box?

The designers for September are Eva and Anne, a duo from the Netherlands who “make the world a little bit more beautiful with their products”, influenced by American and Scandinavian design.  Which all spells WIN for me.  So, what did I get in the box?

Eva and Anne cards

First up – cards!  Sunny, bright, letterpress cards with such lovely sentiments.

Eva and Anne books

What else in my goodie box?  Three letterpress gift tags and three ‘pages’ of double sided wrapping paper; very cute little round stickers; and my favourite things EVER – two adorable notebooks.  I thought one of them had an ice cream print on, but it’s actually rain.  Either way, it’s freaking amazing.


I’ve just added their Etsy shop to my faves, and can’t wait to see what they come up with next.  I might sneak a couple of purchases in for September with the Goodie Goodness discount.

Who wants a present – I WANT TO WRAP ALL THE THINGS!

Now I face a bit of a dilemma.  At the end of August, Goodie Goodness moved to the Netherlands, and as a result of this, have upped their postage to the UK.  I had every intention of cancelling my subscription this month  – don’t get me wrong, I absolutely understand why they’ve increased the cost and don’t think they’ve done this unnecessarily.  But using the August box as an indicator, I just wasn’t prepared to spend the extra for something that I might not fully appreciate.

However this box has won me round again.  Maybe I’ll just keep my subscription for a little longer…

Oh My Goodie Goodness – August review


Another Goodie Goodness box has arrived.  Well, actually, it arrived last week but I’ve been thinking about how to write the review.  Not because I don’t like it – don’t get me wrong – but, well, you’ll see.

The lovely box this week contained two Sian Elin tea towels, as well as a one of her cards.


Sian’s fabrics are inspired by Eastern designs and they’re really stunning.  Looking through the items she has on her website, I want almost every single cushion (which would be insane as we only have a two seater sofa).

The only thing that’s holding me back from gushing about the tea towels is, well, they’re tea towels.  I know some people do get excited about this sort of thing, but I don’t.  They’re practical items used to dry plates!

But we are in the middle of designing our new kitchen (which I am very excited about) so maybe we can use these as a starting point for a colour scheme or something.  I really like the blue and yellow, so whilst they’re not going to rock my world, they are a well timed and handy gift.


Oh My Goodie Goodness – June box

GG Box

A couple of facts about me

  • I love quirky jewellery
  • I love quirky stationery
  • I love European design
  • I love a surprise

So when Domestic Sluttery blogged about Oh My Goodie Goodness, I instantly subscribed.

Beauty boxes have been around for a while, and I’ve occasionally been tempted – the notion that each month, I’d get a lovely surprise delivered right to my door made my finger hover over the “order” button on several occasions.  But I’m such a hideous beauty snob, I knew that I’d always be disappointed.

But Goodie Goodness grabbed my attention.  From their website:

What is Goodie Goodness?
Goodie Goodness is all about helping you discover new artists, designers and small creative businesses. Each month you will receive a carefully curated box of modern handmade items, all of which are unique and made with great care. None of these items will ever be mass-produced or available on the high street. We work hard to source beautiful products that you will love, either as a unique gift or to keep for yourself.
Yes, Yes, a million times yes.

So on to my first box.  I’ll put it behind a cut, just to avoid spoilers.  Apologies for the incredibly dark photos – I failed to find any light in my house whatsoever.   Continue reading