Oh My Goodie Goodness January review

I wonder if the creators of Goodie Goodness had an idea of how long people would subscribe for, because it does feel a little as thought they’ve started to run out of unique ideas.  The main ‘gift’ in the January box is lovely though.

GG bag

The artist for January are Wow For You, a screenprinting duo from The Netherlands.  The canvas bag is really nice, unique for Goodie Goodness subscribers, and actually a decent size for shopping which is most unusual for tote bags.

GG calendar

There’s a really nice calendar which I was pleased about as I need a new calendar for my ‘cubicle’ screen at work, but unfortunately, it’s a bit too big 😦

GG Jan cards

Some cards.  Again.  Please Goodie Goodness, stop with the cards.  I have so many now!

GG pompom

Ooo, an exciting mystery gift.  What can it be?

GG pompom2

Oh.  A pom pom.  In 2014, I will be trying to live William Morris’s golden rule or of “have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful”.  I’m afraid this pom pom will be a casualty of that rule.

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