Oh My Goodie Goodness – June box

GG Box

A couple of facts about me

  • I love quirky jewellery
  • I love quirky stationery
  • I love European design
  • I love a surprise

So when Domestic Sluttery blogged about Oh My Goodie Goodness, I instantly subscribed.

Beauty boxes have been around for a while, and I’ve occasionally been tempted – the notion that each month, I’d get a lovely surprise delivered right to my door made my finger hover over the “order” button on several occasions.  But I’m such a hideous beauty snob, I knew that I’d always be disappointed.

But Goodie Goodness grabbed my attention.  From their website:

What is Goodie Goodness?
Goodie Goodness is all about helping you discover new artists, designers and small creative businesses. Each month you will receive a carefully curated box of modern handmade items, all of which are unique and made with great care. None of these items will ever be mass-produced or available on the high street. We work hard to source beautiful products that you will love, either as a unique gift or to keep for yourself.
Yes, Yes, a million times yes.

So on to my first box.  I’ll put it behind a cut, just to avoid spoilers.  Apologies for the incredibly dark photos – I failed to find any light in my house whatsoever.  

GG Note
A cute little note to welcome me to the box.
Nearly there…
First up, two adorable postcards.
What’s inside the bag?


And inside the bag is a gorgeous wooden necklace from Dutch designer Bjørke Slaghek.  Her website, ByBjor, is full of beautiful Dutch Design jewellery and isn’t the kind of thing I’ve come across before.  I have become a little fixated on the ceramic stars bracelets and the button bracelets – they’re stunning.  I haven’t read much about Dutch Design before, and I spent a good few hours clicking in links and finding out more about it.

GG Note 2
A little note to tell you about the designer.
And I got a keyring too!

I will be honest and say this isn’t something I would buy myself.  I’m not a bead person – I side more towards ironic plastic kitsch.  However, I do kinda love them.  Such gorgeous pastel colours, and the clasp is a button which is a genius idea!  I already know what I can wear this with (hello favourite flamingo dress!)

I know the men in my life will mock me (and in fact have) but what do they know?  I’m going to keep my subscription as I can’t wait to see what else they’re going to come up with.  At that is why I love it – it’s like I get a birthday present each month and the anticipation is almost as pleasurable as the end result.  It appeals to the Etsy addict in me, and if it helps independent artists and designers get recognition for their incredible talents, then all the better for it.

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