Oh My Goodie Goodness – July Box

Goodie Goodness July

I’ve got my second Goodie Goodness box – YAY!  I explained more about it in my last post, so for this post, I can get straight to the goodies.

It was a bigger box than last month, and my postman damaged the box trying to ram it in my postbox.  I was a little worried, but nothing was damaged inside.  Phew!

Lots of Goodies!

I opened the box to find a host of gloriously patterned paper .  I immediately panicked.  I am not remotely talented in the crafting domain – I can barely wrap a simple box so heaven knows how I would mangle these lovely bits of paper.

Fortunately, my panic was unfounded as I think even a child could make what was inside.  After gently folding and popping out the various designs, I was left with the following:

Paper lanterns
Paper lanterns
Beautiful flowers

The first two sets, I did with ease.  Well, relative ease (although I was immensely worried about ripping the lanterns with my big clown hands).  The third package came with some instructions, which I studied diligently.

Boat instructions


OK, OK, so it’s not great, but it was my first paper boat and I think I did alright!  It’s a little bit wonky, and I think I did the base too big, but it’s a start.  And there were loads of other differently sized sheets so I’m going to get plenty of practice!

The artist behind this month’s box is Jurianne Matter who has a bloody lovely website full of papercraft items (just don’t look too closely at the boats on her website, because they all look better than mine…).  Once again, it is great to be shown a new designer, and her blog is full of interesting links and design, so I’ll be adding that to my Feedly (RIP Google Reader).  She also sells through Design Lemonade which is an AMAZING site.  OMG, I want it all.

Lantern in the evening
The lanterns look so pretty at night

I had fun putting this all together on Friday evening.  I’m going to make a few more boats, and put together the other flowers so I can have something which looks a bit more like the Blom on the website.  I even got a “oh, they’re quite nice actually” from Husband – high praise indeed.  Another winner from Goodie Goodness.

The following day, we went up to Greenwich on a Thames Clipper, and wandered around for a bit.  We popped into the Old Royal Naval College shop (I do love a good museum shop), and what did we find?


Husband and I got a bit confused for a second, as we couldn’t quite believe we were seeing the contents of my Goodie Goodness parcel.  I genuinely would have looked into these more if this had been the first time I’d seen them, so YAY for Goodie Goodness!

2 thoughts on “Oh My Goodie Goodness – July Box

  1. I just showed Mam this post and she went “oooh!” She wants to get a subscription for herself and then give the boxes away as gifts, but she has now decided that a better plan is for me to show her when you blog about what you got, and then go off to the artist’s website if we like the stuff.

    Ha! Cheeky Mummy Rach.

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