It’s tough out there in time and space

I’m still a bit emotionally raw from seeing Before Midnight last night.  I persuaded my esteemed colleague to take a trip to the Everyman on Baker Street, because of course it wasn’t showing anywhere near me.  I live in the country!  People in the country don’t like film.  OK, I’ll get off my soapbox now. I adore Everyman Cinemas. … More It’s tough out there in time and space

Live action Cops!

With four months to go until our holiday, Husband and I were starting to go a little crazy, so we decided to have a weekend away in Brighton.  We drove down on Friday evening, spent a couple of nights at The Old Ship on the sea front, and were back in time to do the washing on … More Live action Cops!

What’s in my bag?

I’ve seen a couple of bloggers do this over the past week (I think the trendy bloggers call it a WIMB), but when Jaina posted hers this morning, I decided to follow suit.  Plus, I’ve never done this for my Project 365. So in my trusty Ollie and Nic bag is: Purple Ollie and Nic purse – … More What’s in my bag?