Live action Cops!

With four months to go until our holiday, Husband and I were starting to go a little crazy, so we decided to have a weekend away in Brighton.  We drove down on Friday evening, spent a couple of nights at The Old Ship on the sea front, and were back in time to do the washing on Sunday afternoon.

The Old Ship has a special place in our hearts, as it was this hotel he whisked me away to 6 and a half years ago when we dating.  And as a lovely coincidence, we even had the same room.  It’s not the most luxurious hotel, but I do love it.  The staff are fantastic, the rooms are clean, and the breakfast is yummy.  We had a brilliant sea view without spending a ridiculous amount of money (unlike many of the other hotels along the King’s Road).  Not only that, but it’s a piece of Brighton history.

The Old Ship
It was a bit misty…

We made a last minute booking for Jamie’s Italian on the Friday night – I haven’t been to one before, but there was a nice selection of food and I even got a bit drunk on a sour cherry cocktail (I don’t drink, so I only need one to get tipsy!)  After dinner, I dragged Husband down to the beach and we wandered around in the wind taking photos on the Summer Solstice.

West Pier
The remains of the West Pier

Saturday started with a cooked breakfast in the hotel, followed by a walk down to the Brighton Museum and Art Gallery which I didn’t even know was there.  They were showing a selection of Jeff Koons pieces – “…the first showing in England (outside Tate) of Koons’s group of works”.  And it was free!  I love a bit of Jeff Koons, and whilst they didn’t have any of my favourite pieces (like his Celebration series), we got to see a good selection.  I even changed my mind about Winter Bears which I absolutely hated from the promo material, but freaking loved in person.  And as an added bonus, they also had an exhibition featuring chairs – I LOVE CHAIRS!

The afternoon went roughly in this order:

  • Shopping
  • Shopping
  • Coffee
  • Shopping
  • Nap
  • Walk along the sea front

I really enjoyed the shopping, as I always do in Brighton.

The Lanes
The Lanes

On our walk along the sea front, we spied what looked like a lighting workshop so crossed the road to have a look.  Fishtail Neon was closed, but as we peered in the windows, we quickly fell in love with everything in the shop.  I love neon, and the lights in here were gorgeous.  Such a shame we couldn’t go in, but there’s an online shop for me to build up my wishlist.

We managed to book a table at the Coal Shed for dinner – a very nice restaurant with really friendly staff and great food.  It was incredibly delicious and we both wish that we live closer to it.  Very much like the Hawksmoor in London, but with a bit more of the Brighton relaxed attitude.

Husband then got to see “Live action Cops” outside the hotel room window – another benefit of having a hotel on the sea front.  Goodness knows what was happening, but the police were kept busy.  He was excited anyway.

We then had a very restless night sleep, but it was completely down to the weather – it was so windy, and we had a corner room so the wind whipped around the room.  An early morning coffee was required overlooking the Lanes, which we had pretty much to ourselves as I think the rest of Brighton was sleeping off the night before.  It was a lovely way to finish our weekend.

King's Road
Beautiful moon over the pier

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