Oh My Goodie Goodness – September review

Eva and Anne back

Last month, I was a little underwhelmed by my Goodie Goodness box which was partly down to my inability to enjoy objects connected to housework.  The September box was going to have to win me back over and holy crap, it did.

I love it.  I love it, I love it, I LOVE IT.  Does that emphasise how much I love this box?

The designers for September are Eva and Anne, a duo from the Netherlands who “make the world a little bit more beautiful with their products”, influenced by American and Scandinavian design.  Which all spells WIN for me.  So, what did I get in the box?

Eva and Anne cards

First up – cards!  Sunny, bright, letterpress cards with such lovely sentiments.

Eva and Anne books

What else in my goodie box?  Three letterpress gift tags and three ‘pages’ of double sided wrapping paper; very cute little round stickers; and my favourite things EVER – two adorable notebooks.  I thought one of them had an ice cream print on, but it’s actually rain.  Either way, it’s freaking amazing.


I’ve just added their Etsy shop to my faves, and can’t wait to see what they come up with next.  I might sneak a couple of purchases in for September with the Goodie Goodness discount.

Who wants a present – I WANT TO WRAP ALL THE THINGS!

Now I face a bit of a dilemma.  At the end of August, Goodie Goodness moved to the Netherlands, and as a result of this, have upped their postage to the UK.  I had every intention of cancelling my subscription this month  – don’t get me wrong, I absolutely understand why they’ve increased the cost and don’t think they’ve done this unnecessarily.  But using the August box as an indicator, I just wasn’t prepared to spend the extra for something that I might not fully appreciate.

However this box has won me round again.  Maybe I’ll just keep my subscription for a little longer…

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