Oh My Goodie Goodness – August review


Another Goodie Goodness box has arrived.  Well, actually, it arrived last week but I’ve been thinking about how to write the review.  Not because I don’t like it – don’t get me wrong – but, well, you’ll see.

The lovely box this week contained two Sian Elin tea towels, as well as a one of her cards.


Sian’s fabrics are inspired by Eastern designs and they’re really stunning.  Looking through the items she has on her website, I want almost every single cushion (which would be insane as we only have a two seater sofa).

The only thing that’s holding me back from gushing about the tea towels is, well, they’re tea towels.  I know some people do get excited about this sort of thing, but I don’t.  They’re practical items used to dry plates!

But we are in the middle of designing our new kitchen (which I am very excited about) so maybe we can use these as a starting point for a colour scheme or something.  I really like the blue and yellow, so whilst they’re not going to rock my world, they are a well timed and handy gift.


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