Oh My Goodie Goodness – November Review


Before the last two days of my trip report, I’m sneaking in a Goodie Goodness review of the November box.  This month featured two artists – one Dutch, one English.

First up, two stamps from Miss Honeybird.

GGNov 4

They’re very adorable – one has a triangle pattern and one says Hip Hip Hooray.  I got an ink stamp with it so had a bit of a play but I can’t get them to stamp properly 😦  Maybe it was the ink.  Also from Miss Honeybird were a couple of postcards.


The stamps on her website are very adorable, and if I was into stamping, I’d be all over them.

The English contribution to the box were from Mulk.


Two notebooks made from recycled paper.


And a letter writing set and note cards, again from recycled paper.  The geometric designs are very striking and I love that the ‘plastic’ wrap was made from cornstarch so is also recyclable.

They’re really great items, but I am building up a notebook and postcard backlog, so hopefully there’ll be something a bit different in December’s box.  CHRISTMAS THINGS!

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