Stop Looking at the Monkey – Bug 47

Bug 47This blog will be peppered with photos of Dr Buckles on his bike if I keep going to see Bug.  And I plan to keep going as watching music videos for a couple of hours is a very pleasurable way to spend an evening.

I didn’t enjoy as much of the music in this show, but some of the videos were fantastic.  There now follows a list of my favourites.

Such a great narrative from Hot Chip’s Need You Know.  I was mesmerised during it, trying to unravel the different threads.  Plus, I didn’t realise Hot Chip members looked like that – I don’t know who I thought they were.

This is possibly the most amazing video I have ever seen.  It took four months make and I immediately want to reposition the pins on my pinboard at work.  Wow.  Genuine astonishment from me.

I was going to post Róisín Murphy’s video for Evil Eye but I can’t seem to find it on YouTube.  The style in her video was gorgeous – a lovely bit of 1980s feathered hair and sexy porch.  To be clear, I mean the porch in a house.  I’ll wait for it to appear on YouTube to make some more notes.

Adam ended the evening with this adorably surreal dance off starring Jus Reign and Timothy DeLaGhetto.  They are both very talented men to dance with such banal looks on their faces.  I’m probably too old to appreciate a Vine star but this old lady did have a bit of a giggle.

I’ll leave my favourite video from the evening for a separate post because it nearly made Tim poop himself so I think it rightfully deserves it’s own post.

Also, Jonathan Ross was there which is nothing to do with the rest of this post, but that marks two Adam Buxton gigs that I’ve seen Jonathan at now.

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