Veronica Mars is smarter than you

Finally, the day I’ve been waiting for for almost two weeks has arrived – the Veronica Mars Kickstarter project has opened to UK donors.

And I’m so excited!  The only negative in this is that Michael Muhney won’t get to be in the film.  Mainly because his character, Sheriff Lamb, did not survive season 3 which was a TRAGEDY!  Michael was an absolute doll when I met him a few years back (I was starstruck into muteness in front of him) and it feels wrong to have an addition to the Veronica Mars canon without him.  I demand flashbacks!

Admittedly, I should really be spending my money on a new oven, seeing as the old one is probably dripping melted metal on to my food.  Who needs food when you have the promise of a t-shirt and signed poster!

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