There’s Clea DuVall!

Saturday night was spent snuggled under a blanket in my PJs in a very comfortable cinema seat at the Prince Charles Cinema.  This was the fourth PJ party I’ve been to – an all night teen movie marathon lasting from 9pm Saturday night to about 8am Sunday morning showing nothing but cheesy teen films.  My guilty pleasure.

I’ve been to every PJ party with the famed film blogger, Mild Concern (who just happens to be my BFF) and one of our favourite things is pointing out actors we recognise from current TV and film.  Most of the of the time, it’s Clea DuVall (seriously, that woman was in everything in the 90s) and the first film from this marathon – Can’t Hardly Wait – was a great example of this.   A new game for this marathon was pointing out the high proportion of redheads in main character roles and Can’t Hardly Wait had a whole bunch of them!

The night continued on with Clueless which is so quotable (although it was at the first PJ party).  We then watched Get Over It, which is a Mild Concern favourite, and another film with a red headed lead.  This film made me laugh more than I thought it would, mainly because of the genius of Martin Short as Desmond Forrest-Oates – “Keep icing your front bum” gave me the giggles, as did “You’d tell me if you’d had a stroke.”  Everything Martin Short does is just amazing.  I want to re-watch this film just to hear him yell “That’s enough out of your MUCK MOUTH!”

Next up – Cruel Intentions.  This film is still amazing, with such a great soundtrack.  I haven’t seen it for a while, but it instantly regressed me to my teens.  I forget how good Sarah Michelle Geller is.

The most recent film on the schedule was Easy A – something I’ve not seen before.  And sadly, it was about 4am at this point so I did fall asleep towards the end, but Emma Stone was as endearing as ever.  Despite the fact it was only released 3 years ago, I think the film fit in quite well with the others.

And lastly, She’s All That which I had forgotten existed (and also featured Clea DuVall and a cameo from Sarah Michelle Geller).  I think everyone in the audience was waiting for Rachel Leigh Cook to take her glasses off so they could sarcastically gasp at her hidden beauty, but we were just excited to see Torrance High School where Buffy was filmed.  Hysteria had set in at this point from the lack of sleep (as it always does) and pointing out where certain scenes from Buffy were set made me laugh far more than it should.

I think I’ve just about recovered from the sleep deprivation, although I do feel a nap coming on now…

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