Mr Jones Watches – Vertigo

Whilst I continue to mess around with my photos from my recent trip to Texas, I thought I’d post a little update to my Mr Jones Watches collection.

A quick recap – here’s my post about first watch.  And then I bought number two and three.  Covered off four, five, and six on one busy day last year.  Quickly followed up with number seven.  Eight, nine, and ten had to be done to celebrate their 10th birthday.  Eleven appeared one Christmas.  And finally, twelve, thirteen, and fourteen were covered off here.

Earlier this month and unbeknownst to me, Husband made a visit to the Oxo Tower on his lunch break and bought a new addition for my collection.  We were staying in a hotel room that night after going to a comedy gig, and he hid the box under my pillow so I’d find it when we got back.  Unfortunately, I was so tired (and the bed was so comfy) that I didn’t notice and slept on it all night!  Fortunately, no damage was done by the time I found it the next morning.  

Prior to his purchase, I had been debating about buying the Vertigo – specifically, which colour combination I preferred.  I had been through each of the 100 images multiple times, and finally had my top 5.  It was really hard to choose though – I loved all of the pink and purple tones, but also the yellows and turquoises.  The artist Paul Wardski has created such a beautiful design, and it’s unlike any of the other watches I have.

Lucikily, Husband knew the one I wanted and it was still in stock when he visited.  I’ve worn it non-stop, and every so often I get mesmerised by the detail.  It’s a very distracting watch.

I do love a numbered watch

Mr Jones Sample Sale 2018 and collection update!

I have lost control of my Mr Jones Watches collection a little bit.

A quick summary for those new to my obsession – London based Mr Jones creates the most beautiful watches, and is always coming up with new designs that I just have to own.  I’m pretty sure I’m now up to 14 in total, although to be honest, I can’t be certain.

I started off with this post all about my first watch.  And then I bought number two and three.  Covered off four, five, and six on one busy day last year.  Quickly followed up with number seven.  Eight, nine, and ten had to be done to celebrate their 10th birthday.  And eleven appeared one Christmas.

Which brings us up to number twelve, with thirteen & fourteen from this year’s sample sale.

A couple of months ago, Husband was in a very happy mood so treated me to The Hidden City, a beautifully serene design featuring London’s green parrots.  I got number 44 which pleased me immensely – 4 is my lucky number.  Such a gorgeous watch.

Onto the sample sale.

I’ve been lucky enough to visit the store on two occasions for their sample sales in the past.  It’s a good opportunity to get a rare watch, or a variation on their current stock.  Personally, I love the chance to find old watches that I haven’t seen before.  For 2018, it was online only – no queuing outside the store, no complaints from those who couldn’t even get to the store.  I was going to be in the middle of a hair salon appointment, so I had visions of me scrolling through the website whilst my poor stylist tried to cut my hair.  Fortunately at the time the sale went live, I was waiting for the bleach to develop so had stress free shopping – phew!

I feel very bad for MJW as unfortunately there were a few stroppy and mean spirited people posting on social media about the sale.  I personally didn’t have a problem with the technical snafu on the website as I just used my common sense plus I also accept that the nature of online sales means that you shouldn’t get too fixated on a specific item because that is when you’re going to be disappointed.  It’s unfortunate to miss out on the watch you want, but there is zero point bitching and moaning about it – some people were saying they would never shop there ever again, or that their whole day was ruined.  Oh please, how ridiculous.

Anyway, my purchases.  The first one I saw sadly got yoinked out of my basket before I was able to purchase it (the black colourways of the Cyclops, and I didn’t whinge about losing it) but I quickly saw two others that I was more than happy with.

The super cute Late Again – there was a choice of two, either one with exclamation marks or one that had “oh no” on the dial.  I preferred the exclamation marks.  It reminds me of The Accurate (but significantly less intense).  It’s just so bright and happy, and I smile every time I look down at my wrist.

I absolutely adore my second purchase – Good Things.  It’s so simple, so clean, and it has unusual blue stitching on it which I love.  And unless you’re looking at the right time, it’s completely nonsensical.

Isn’t it gorgeous?

This watch is a little more beaten up than the other- you can tell it’s been worn or wrapped around something as the leather strap is curved and a little cracked.  The back is also a little scratched up – I’m not so fussed about that as it’s the price you pay for having a sample.  They make it very clear that there may be signs of wear or tear.

By the way, I’m assuming the dial is 24 hours, however I’m not 100% sure.  As I’ve said before, who wants to use their watch to do something as prosaic as tell the time.  That’s just so very boring.

Ordering Sephora from the UK

Edit: Well, as of the end of July 2018, all of this is irrelevant.  Sephora have decided to re-direct UK visitors to their French site, and block us from shopping on the US site.  They’re blaming GDPR which is nonsense – they’re either collecting data they shouldn’t or are just plain lazy to figure out EU regulations.  

OK, so you can ask Google to translate the French website, but they don’t stock the same brands as the US site and there’s no VIB points to collect.  Looks like I’m going to have to plan more trips to the States *sigh*

Us UK folk have been able to order Sephora for a while now, but I’ve always resisted.  Sephora has always been a holiday treat for me, since my first trip to America a long time ago (sidebar – my first visit was actually to the UK store on my 18th birthday.  I made my Mum drive me all the way to Bluewater where I spent all of my birthday money.  Why did they leave us?!?!)

After three visits to the USA this year, my Sephora addiction has reached new highs, and the temptation of a birthday gift and 3x Beauty Insider points got to me so I placed my first online order.

It’s made incredibly easy as Sephora use Borderfree, so shipping is only $6 and all the customs and taxes are sorted on purchase – no guessing the upcoming bill or having the parcel held up at the border.  Not only that, but my parcel arrived only 6 days after I ordered, which is faster than I receive most stuff I order in the UK.

As you can see from my photo, my order was largely sheet mask based, but I also picked up two sets – one of the reasons I love Sephora so much as it’s a great way to try products out.  I picked out a Christophe Robin set as I’m trying to convince myself I don’t want to by a full size of the Regenerating Mask (I really do though – it’s so good).  I also picked up a Peter Thomas Roth Cult Classics kit and am already a huge fan of the powder SPF and the cucumber eye patches.

But my experience wasn’t all positive.  That birthday gift I talked about?  Not available to me because I’m in the UK.  I understand that some items are restricted for various reasons, but it’s super sucky that I can’t get my gift!  Not only that, but none of the codes on the beauty offers page worked for me (all restricted), and those 3 free samples they rave about was bloody impossible – 12 to choose from, and only 3 were available to me.  So I ‘chose’ those 3 only for them to ‘forget’ to include them.

When I raised this with them by email, they almost shrugged.  I know it’s only free gifts, but I’ve almost reached VIB Rouge so I kind of expected more.

Still, I’ll carry on enjoying the many sheet masks I bought.  Freebies aside, it was a good experience and I’ll probably end up making another purchase before the end of this year.  Those Peter Thomas Roth eye patches are calling to me already.

Happy (belated) birthday, Mr Jones Watches

For someone with only two wrists, I sure do have a lot of Mr Jones Watches.

I wrote about number one here.

And numbers two and three here.

Covered off four, five, and six on one busy day last year.

Quickly followed up with number seven.

It seems very fitting that 2017 has been the year where I’ve reached number ten as it is also the year of their 10th birthday.  I sadly wasn’t able to make it to their exhibition and birthday party as I was in New York, so I decided to celebrate in my own way – by cracking out the debit card.

Number eight was acquired a few months ago as Husband treated me to a limited edition Dog watch.  I got number 15 (I can’t resist a numbered watch), and I love the super cute strap.  More pink stitching please, Mr Jones!

Number nine was another gift from Husband.  The beautiful Nuage designed by Marion Labbaz is another limited edition which sold really quickly – whilst I was debating whether or not to buy it, Husband visited the shop and picked up number 38 for me.  Nuage has now made it to the permanent collection, but I’m so pleased to have one of the originals.

And ta-da – number ten!  I’ve had my eye on Colour Venn since it was released, and snapped it up in recent 24 hour sale without a second thought.  It’s my current favourite, although the yellow ‘second’ hand is very distracting in meetings.

So happy birthday Mr Jones Watches.  Can’t wait to see what you create next.

Liberty Beauty Advent Calendar 2016 – week 4

Liberty Advent 2016_4And just like that, 25 drawers of fun beauty treats have all been opened.  Once again, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the calendar, and whilst I’m sure I’ll deliberate about whether I buy again in 2017, I’m already looking forward what Liberty comes up with again next year.

I’m a sucker for miniatures, what can I say.

Day twenty-two – Surratt Artisique Blush in Ponceau.  It’s quite an orangey blush, so I’m not sure it’ll suit me  (but then I said that about the Nars blush from 2014 and it looked ok).  I’ll give it a go!

Day twenty-three – Espa Overnight Hydration Therapy.  I love a good overnight mask.  The previous two years have featured an Espa cleanser, so I’m pleased to try something different from them.

Day twenty-four – Le Labo Santal 33.  Hurrah, a unisex scent – Husband is so pleased.  This one is a lovely warm scent and smells great on him.  It’s even more special as they’ve put “Happy Christmas” on the bottle – adorable.

Day twenty-five – Diptyque Figuier candle.  I don’t think Liberty will ever deviate from having a Diptyque on day 25.  Very classic, very elegant, but a little migraine inducing for me so I might pass this on to my Mum.

Liberty Advent 2016_5Liberty had some really great products on their Beauty Advent Calendar this year (not all of them pictured, as some of them have been used up already!).  My love for the Liberty beauty hall is eternal and unwavering!

Liberty Beauty Advent Calendar 2016 – week 3

Liberty Advent 2016_3Week three of the Liberty Beauty Advent Calendar ends with a healthy dose of side-eye.

Day fifteen – Trish McEvoy Lip Colour in Pink Nude.  Nice enough, although I don’t wear lipstick so can’t give an in depth review.  My mother will love it though I’m sure.  It’s nice to get some of the Trish McEvoy make-up products as opposed to the skincare that’s been in the previous year’s boxes.

Day sixteen – Dermalogica Daily Microexfoliant.  This stuff is brilliant, and although I got some last year, I really don’t mind as it’s so worth it.  My face always feel so clean after using it, but it’s not really harsh.  A winner!

Day seventeen – Votary Facial Oil.  Super interesting.  I’ve seen many excellent reviews of Votary products so I’m definitely keen to try it.  I never seem to see any benefit when using serums or oils on my face, but my skin has gone really odd this winter so lets try this out.

Day eighteen – BBrowbar Night Brow Balm.   I spent way too long Googling this to find out what it was for.  It apparently “acts as a mask for your brows” – why do my brows need a mask?  Sure, I’ll give it a go, but I don’t spend too much time thinking about my brows so I’m not convinced of the benefits.

Day nineteen – Skin Laundry Gentle Foaming Face Wash.  This I love (you can see I’ve already been using it).  I think I would be too nervous to get one of their renowned facials, what with all the lasers and what-not, but I’m all in for their skincare.  This is a fantastic product.

Day twenty – Kai by Gaye Straza Body Lotion.  I don’t know who Gaye Straza is, but Liberty need to stop giving me bottles of this.  I don’t mind when I get duplicate products, but they need to be exceptional.  Which this isn’t.  Sorry Gaye.

Day twenty-one – Dr Sebagh Serum Repair.  And another duplicate. It feels a bit like they got to the end of their planning and started chucking in leftovers from the previous two years.  I know this is pricy, but it just doesn’t work for me.

Three products will be off to live with my Mum, so I would judge this to be the weakest week.

Liberty Beauty Advent Calendar 2016 – week 2

Liberty Advent 2016_2Week 2 is a good mix of old classics and new discoveries.

Day eight – Malin+Goetz Vitamin E moisturiser.  Always a pleasure to receive this.  Literally the only negative I can think of is it’s too hard to get out of the bottle.  Everything else about it is amazing. WOO!

Day nine – Davines Oi All-in-one Milk.  It has been just over a week and my bottle of this is almost empty.  IT’S BRILLIANT.  The Davines Oil from last year’s box has been the best product ever which I’ve gone on to repurchase a number of times, and I’ve been really enjoying the milk as well.  They can do no wrong.

Day ten – Marvis toothpastes in mint and liquorice.  Mini toothpastes are always useful, so the mint one will be coming with my on my trip to the States in a few weeks.  Not sure about the liquorice though…

Day eleven – Byredo Bal D’Afrique hand cream.  I love this scent, but I get is in every set from Liberty, so as some point I’m going to have to visit their counter to smell what else they have!

Day twelve – Nars Baby Doll lip gloss.  A brand I occasionally dabble in.  I’m not loving the colour as it’s a bit 90s frosted but I’ll get a bit of use out of it.

Day thirteen – Eve Lom Cleanser.  I get this every year, and say the same thing – it’s genuinely a really great cleanser, but I just cannot get on with the smell.  I’ve learnt to hold my nose.

Day fourteen – Odejo eau de toilette.  Husband was very sad at this – he’s enjoyed the unisex Escentric Molecules fragrances that I’ve received in the past.  I’m not really a fragrance person, but I’ll give it a go.

Liberty Beauty Advent Calendar 2016 – week 1

Liberty Advent 2016_1Yes friends, it’s that time of year where I irritate you all by splashing my Liberty beauty advent calendar all over my Instagram.  I’m not really into the whole Christmas thing this year, so I debated about whether I’d invest in another calendar, but I’m glad I did.  I’m choosing to consider it a countdown until my week off work.

This year, Liberty have treated us with a gorgeous rose gold and blue box, and I’m already super pleased with the contents of week one. Lets see what I got:

Day one – Aveda Hand Relief moisturising cream.  Very much looking forward to using this.  Aveda is a new brand to the Liberty calendar, so we’re already off to a promising start.

Day two – Aurelia Refine and Polis Miracle Balm.  I did genuinely think this was a repeat of the cleanser that I’ve had many a time, so was happy to see it was something else from the brand for me to test.  Have used it once already – very luxurious.

Day three – Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Powder Pink.  I thought this colour was too dark for me, but it’s perfect!  Another new brand for the calendar – an excellent choice.  You just can’t go wrong with Bobbi Brown products.

Day four – Kiehl’s Amino Acid Shampoo.  It’s always brilliant to find Kiehl’s, and even though I had this last year, I love it so I’m more than happy.

Day five – Jin Soon nail polish in Coquette.  I haven’t heard of this brand before, but Jin Soon is apparently the Nail Guru of New York.  You bet I’m now researching her spas  for my February trip.  Coquette is a lovely cherry red colour.

Day six – Laura Mercier Hydrating primer.  Laura Mercier products are always fantastic, and I love a good primer so very excited to get this.  It provides an excellent base for my foundation and doesn’t get horribly drying.

Day seven – Co Bigelow Rose Salve.  I love Co Bigelow more than any other brand, and although we’ve had the rose salve in the past two boxes, this one is in a tube format so slightly different (although come on Liberty, there are so many other balms to choose from – give us something new!).   Don’t care though – love it!

And incredibly strong start to the month, and I definitely have no regrets.

Mr Jones Watches Sample Sale 2016 part 2

MJW16_7No, you’re not imagining things.  This is my second Mr Jones Watches post in a row.  I’m not going mental and repeating posts either.  However what this post does demonstrate is my complete lack of self-control.

I was very happy with my mini-haul at the sample sale last Saturday, but there was one watch that got away.  MJW had made a limited run of three King watches with Chinoiserie gold gilding that sold out pretty much as soon as the shop opened.  As I was getting there in the afternoon, I was certain that they’d go quickly so wasn’t too sad to miss out, and I did manage to get a regular King.  It was all good.

And then the sneaky devils announced another 5 watches were to be made available online.  I deliberated for ages on their Instagram – that sounds like a lie because as many people know, I tend to just buy first, consider bank balance later.  However, I already bought the regular King, spent a lot of money in the shop, and do I really need a gold version of it?

MJW16_6Yes, yes I do need a gold version.  It’s glorious.  I regret nothing.

Mr Jones Watches Sample Sale 2016

MJW16_4I have had quite the Saturday.  I’ll write more about the morning in another post, but the afternoon featured possibly my briefest visit to London ever.

Earlier in the week, Mr Jones Watches announced their yearly sample sale.  I attended my first one last year where my collection grew from 1 watch to 3, and now I’ve increased it again.  To 6.  I’m out of control.

I had planned on buying two watches – I say “planned”, but there’s always a risk of getting your hopes dashed if you go to a sample sale with expectations.  I consider myself extremely lucky that I actually got the two watches I wanted.

MJW16_5I eyed the Cyclops straight away and mentally punched the air.  Wishlist watch number 1 – check!  It was one of the very first MJW watches I’d ever seen and is so iconic and pretty.  If you’re interested, the time on it is about 2:30.  I never need to know exactly what time it is.

MJW16_3Wishlist watch number 2 – check!  The King has been on my mind since it was released almost a year ago.  There is a slight mark on the strap of this which doesn’t really bother me, but I could always buy a new strap I suppose.  Again, precision in telling the time isn’t important, but this time is 3:25 ish (I think, I haven’t quite figured this one out yet).

MJW16_2And finally, the surprise of the day – The New Decider.  I haven’t ever seen this one before, but from what I’ve gathered from my in depth online research, it was released about 8 years ago.  The little white circle clicks from YES to NO – “when you need to make a decision you simply look at your watch for your answer”.  I just really love the simplicity and could not leave it behind.  I also loved this:

MJW16_1Number 1!  I hope this is the really number 1 and not an odd sample sale quirk (don’t tell me if it’s not!!)

It was more money than I intended to spend, but I would have regretted leaving any of them behind.  I am so happy with my little collection.