Mr Jones Watches – All This Will Pass

I don’t have much opportunity to wear one of my many watches at the moment. Time just doesn’t seem to matter so much when you spend 23 hours of the day inside. Despite (or maybe because of) this, I decided to expand my collection and add number 20 which has a beautiful message for these crazy times.

I do frequently feel my anxiety levels rising – when I stand in the queue at the supermarket, when I see people out walking wearing face masks, and when I think about when I’m going to be able to sell my house. The watch reminds me that all of this is temporary, and that “life will (in time) return to normal” as Crispin Jones explains.

The watch is available in black or white, and all have unique patterns of blue, orange, and green. You can also choose from a number of different straps – I chose the classic black stainless steel, but simply changing the strap makes it into an entirely different watch.

The back of the watch has another reminder that we have to keep going. The end isn’t quite in sight yet, but we’ll get there.

The watch isn’t limited edition so is currently still for sale – Mr Jones Watches will donate 10% of the money received for each watch to the World Health Organisation’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund.

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