Mr Jones Watches Sample Sale 2016 part 2

MJW16_7No, you’re not imagining things.  This is my second Mr Jones Watches post in a row.  I’m not going mental and repeating posts either.  However what this post does demonstrate is my complete lack of self-control.

I was very happy with my mini-haul at the sample sale last Saturday, but there was one watch that got away.  MJW had made a limited run of three King watches with Chinoiserie gold gilding that sold out pretty much as soon as the shop opened.  As I was getting there in the afternoon, I was certain that they’d go quickly so wasn’t too sad to miss out, and I did manage to get a regular King.  It was all good.

And then the sneaky devils announced another 5 watches were to be made available online.  I deliberated for ages on their Instagram – that sounds like a lie because as many people know, I tend to just buy first, consider bank balance later.  However, I already bought the regular King, spent a lot of money in the shop, and do I really need a gold version of it?

MJW16_6Yes, yes I do need a gold version.  It’s glorious.  I regret nothing.

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