Liberty Beauty Advent Calendar 2016 – week 3

Liberty Advent 2016_3Week three of the Liberty Beauty Advent Calendar ends with a healthy dose of side-eye.

Day fifteen – Trish McEvoy Lip Colour in Pink Nude.  Nice enough, although I don’t wear lipstick so can’t give an in depth review.  My mother will love it though I’m sure.  It’s nice to get some of the Trish McEvoy make-up products as opposed to the skincare that’s been in the previous year’s boxes.

Day sixteen – Dermalogica Daily Microexfoliant.  This stuff is brilliant, and although I got some last year, I really don’t mind as it’s so worth it.  My face always feel so clean after using it, but it’s not really harsh.  A winner!

Day seventeen – Votary Facial Oil.  Super interesting.  I’ve seen many excellent reviews of Votary products so I’m definitely keen to try it.  I never seem to see any benefit when using serums or oils on my face, but my skin has gone really odd this winter so lets try this out.

Day eighteen – BBrowbar Night Brow Balm.   I spent way too long Googling this to find out what it was for.  It apparently “acts as a mask for your brows” – why do my brows need a mask?  Sure, I’ll give it a go, but I don’t spend too much time thinking about my brows so I’m not convinced of the benefits.

Day nineteen – Skin Laundry Gentle Foaming Face Wash.  This I love (you can see I’ve already been using it).  I think I would be too nervous to get one of their renowned facials, what with all the lasers and what-not, but I’m all in for their skincare.  This is a fantastic product.

Day twenty – Kai by Gaye Straza Body Lotion.  I don’t know who Gaye Straza is, but Liberty need to stop giving me bottles of this.  I don’t mind when I get duplicate products, but they need to be exceptional.  Which this isn’t.  Sorry Gaye.

Day twenty-one – Dr Sebagh Serum Repair.  And another duplicate. It feels a bit like they got to the end of their planning and started chucking in leftovers from the previous two years.  I know this is pricy, but it just doesn’t work for me.

Three products will be off to live with my Mum, so I would judge this to be the weakest week.

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