May Things

Wow, it has been a while.

For a bit of a kick in the butt, I’ve decided to follow a lot of other bloggers and post a monthly review, because then I’ll at least have one post a month.  Hopefully, this will get me back in the habit of regularly writing though.

No real format here – I’m just going to pick five things of note each month which I might have already blogged about or not, but definitely memorable for good (or not so good) reasons.  Let’s get started with May 2017.

Miami Trip
This deserves it’s own post, and is definitely my highlight of the month.  After a series of events and conversations, my Mum decided to take me and Husband, and my baby brother and his family to Miami, specifically my beautiful Surfside and I cannot emphasise enough how much relaxing we did.  It was perhaps a smidge too warm for some of us, but I spent most of the time lying in the palm garden not doing anything.  And the rest of the time shopping, which brings me to…

What is a holiday without a trip to Sephora?  This isn’t everything that I bought – I also picked up some essentials like a million sheet masks – but I was really happy to find this Summer Hair Saviours kit – the Sephora at Aventura Mall has actually moved since I went last year, and is now much bigger so has more of these sets in stock.  The photo missing a couple of items that I’ve already used, but I’m excited to try the rest.  I love miniatures!

Once again, I failed to pick the popular songs.  I actually hated the twee-ness from the winning song – Eurovision for me needs high energy, bouncy, Europop and the Portuguese winner was the absolute antithesis of this.  Never mind.  My favourite was I Feel Alive by IMRI, and it has not left my playlist all month.

BFF Dinner
I have been an entirely crap friend of late, but I couldn’t miss celebrating the BFF‘s birthday, so we met for dinner at the National Theatre Terrace – what a great restaurant.  Once we’d actually found each other – for some reason, we both got to the table from entirely different entrances – and once we’d realised it was tapas and not just an odd menu.  I had deep fried veg with aioli which were so moreish, and delicious patatas bravas.  After dinner, we went for coffee and I had some very much needed chatty time.

I didn’t really know how to title this.  Part of the reason for the time away is that May has become a tough month for us.  It was the first anniversary of my Dad’s death which is obviously something none of us will ever get over, so I took the day off work and had some time to myself to reflect.  I feel really close to my Dad when I’m outside as he loved nature, so I went for a long walk around the Pond on my own.  I felt it was the best way to mark the day.

You soft-hearted, liberal cow


There were many things that made me love Eurovision 2014 in Copenhagen this year: the plea for tolerance from Pollaponk, the struggle to grow a moustache from Twin Twin, and the beautiful Conchita Wurst sobbing as she won, to name just a couple of my favourite moments.  Aside from the music, I was simultaneously amused and baffled by one of the hosts, Pilou Asbæk, particularly when Graham Norton mentioned he was one of the stars of the Danish political drama, Borgen.  I genuinely thought I had misunderstood who he was.  I had not.

We finished watching Bron/Broen a few months ago, and the wait for season 3 is quite painful, so after seeing Pilou with his Ban Ki Moon love and his hilarious tour around the Museum of Eurovision history, we decided to give Borgen a go.  It helped me that Pilou is ridiculously attractive.  The Danish Joshua Jackson.

I knew it was popular (having seen the Guardian blog when it was on the BBC) but I wasn’t confident that I’d like it.  I’m not really a fan of political programmes – dramas or comedies – so although I had an open mind, I didn’t expect to completely fall head-over-heels in love with it in the way that I have.  We rushed through season 1 as soon as the Blu-Ray arrived and we’re halfway through season 2 right now.  The season which has made me cry in every episode so far.

I still love Pilou of course, and Kasper Juul is such a great character, but I also have so many feelings for the rest of the cast.  Beautiful, beautiful Birgitte Nyborg, adorable ‘Uncle’ Bent, determined Katrine Fønsmark, self-righteous Philip (who I just want to punch in his stupid face) – the casting is absolutely spot-on.

Who knew a political drama would make me yell at the TV so much.  I don’t immediately get some of the plot points, partly because I’ve never been politically minded and partly because it’s a foreign government, but I like how the show helps you to understand without being too heavy-handed.  The balance between the politics and personal is perfect, even if Magnus does piss his pants a lot, and the more they show the characters homes, the more I want to go mad at Magasin Du Nord – this programme is like crack for Scandi design.

I’m desperate to go and read everything I can about the show, but I know it isn’t coming back after the last season so I don’t want to spoil myself for the ending.  Once I get to the end of season 3, I’ll be straight onto Google to find out what makes Pilou so damn handsome, what makes Sidse Babett Knudsen so gorgeously smiley, and where I can get Birgitte’s sexy headboard (my current fixation).

The photo at the top comes from my first visit to Copenhagen a couple of years ago.  I didn’t know then that I would be obsessed with the fictional going-ons behind those doors, and I’m already planning on going on the Christiansborg Palace tour the next time I’m over there.  If they don’t allow me in that room where they hold the press conferences so I can act like a drunken Hanne Holm, I’ll be a bit disappointed.  For now, I’ll just have to settle for Pilou’s tour of CPH.

For helvede, Pilou, why are you so attractive?