Relaxation Rooms, Guildford

Relaxation Rooms1After a fairly stressful couple of weeks at work, I found myself in desperate need for some me-time.  With Husband off in Texas for work and nothing much else going on, I booked a last minute evening ESPA Serene Scalp Soother massage at the Relaxation Rooms in Guildford.

The day spa is situated at the top of town in a lovely three storey house behind a very unassuming front door.  It’s much the same as the other salons I go to, but the main difference is the incredibly cosy room at the top of the house solely for relaxing.  It makes the place quite distinctive and a real treat.

I visited at about 7pm on a Thursday for my massage, and after slipping into a robe and flip flops, was shown to the relaxation room to wait for my treatment.  I had lovely fruity water, and snuggled into the chair to wait.  There were several beds as well which I was tempted to get into, but I didn’t want to risk getting too cosy.  The only negative I could find was the selection of magazines which all seemed to be Surrey advertorials.  All my stuff was in my bag in the lockers downstairs so I didn’t have my kindle with me – I wish I was a bit more prepared.

Relaxation Rooms2My massage was glorious – a 40 minute head, neck, and shoulder massage in addition to a conditioning treatment which left my hair super soft.  I could have easily fallen asleep and really had to wake myself up before driving home.  I could have done with another several hours of treatments but I think they were closing up so it was only fair that I left.

Relaxation Rooms3
Luckily, I had another treatment booked with my Mum the following weekend.  I had promised her a manicure last Christmas but with everything that’s been going on this year, we haven’t really had the opportunity to book it.  The luxury manicure that the Relaxation Rooms has comes with a scalp and shoulder massage so seemed like a good option.

My manicure was great, although the massage was with my dress on still (and shoes – it felt weird getting on  the bed with shoes on) so wasn’t quite as good as the one a couple of nights before.  The varnish they use is Morgan Taylor, and I’m not a huge fan of that brand but my mani came out well, and still has minimal chips a week later.

Even though we had the same treatment booked, my Mum’s was slightly different as she got her hands wrapped in a hot towel (jealous) and a sit down massage, and although she enjoyed the treatment as a whole, the vanish just didn’t stick to her nails, smudging instantly, some of it coming completely off.  She was a bit disappointed.

We’re now on the lookout for another place to go.  I already have a couple of ideas, and I know they won’t be as relaxing as this place but hopefully we can find somewhere where we can both leave with good nails.

Blazing beef, and big old buns

Cau1I ended this week by having two burgers in two days.  Not particularly healthy but they were insanely tasty.

The first was at CAU in Guildford with some friends from work.  I haven’t been to CAU in about three years – not for any reason other than I don’t go out in Guildford that much – but I definitely need to put it back on the roster.  I love the decor and love the food, so it’s a shame I haven’t visited more.  Plus, the chairs are swivel chairs.  What’s not to love!

Cau2I didn’t have to have the burger of course, but it’s a bit crazy to go to an Argentinian beef restaurant and not have beef.  The chips were triple cooked, and I was very sad there there were only a few of them as they were delicious too.  I followed dinner with some gorgeous churros and dulce de leche.  The only regret I have is driving there, so I couldn’t try one of their amazing sounding cocktails.

When we got there, the restaurant was completely empty, but it soon filled up – we stayed for 2 and a half hours in the end.  So long, that we were gently nudged out by the staff.   It was super nice though, as we had a good solid 2.5 hours of chittle chattle.  We then got inadvertently shamed by the waiter who asked us what our plans were for the evening.  Uh, this was our plan for the evening!  We’re old women!

Heron1My second burger had a very different view.  As much as I loved CAU, the traffic on the A3100 outside just isn’t as inspiring as Fleet Pond.  On Saturday, Husband and I took a walk to what we call our local – the Heron on the Lake.  We’ve been regular visitors ever since we moved to Fleet and loved it even more when they improved their decking area a couple of years ago.  We took advantage of the sunny skies and sat outside for the first time this year.

Heron2For the first time, I noticed that sweet potato fries were an option and my god, they were good.  I have tried so hard to replicate restaurant cooked sweet potato fries at home but everyone must just use magic because mine are awful.  The Heron burger has a mystery ‘burger sauce’ which is crazy addictive.  I wish I knew what it was.

Just looking at that photo is making me feel sad and hungry for sweet potatoes.

Another day, another derby

Anarchy III

As I said in my last derby post, the next bout I’d be going to would be on my home turf which was very exciting.  The London Rollergirls needed a home for the Anarchy III event, so my local Surrey Roller Girls volunteered up the Guildford Spectrum.

This was perfect for me!  Being the most southerly member of my social circle, I usually have to go into London, up to the midlands or to the very north to see my buddies, so it was nice to invite them all to me for once!  We went into CAU in Guildford for a very long lunch of beefy things (and 1 flan), and then drove over to the Spectrum in the pouring rain for the bouts

For a spectator, it was such a great venue to watch roller derby in.  The tiered seating was brilliant for watching the action – I think some people were disappointed at the lack of suicide seats but I had a Lovely Dress on so wouldn’t have sat on the floor anyway.  Vendors village was awesome – I always manage to search out the jewellery and managed to get a charm of my favourite skater, Kamikaze Kitten,  made by Startle Derby.  All of the teams were selling t-shirts, so I got a Surrey Roller Girls shirt and managed to peer pressure Mild Concern Tim into getting a Surrey one (he also bought an Auld Reekie Roller Girls t-shirt – I think his intention is to get as many different team shirts as possible).

Obviously, the main reason for the trip wasn’t shopping.  The games were AMAZING.  I’ve said this many times, but I am probably the least competitive person out there, so I don’t tend to get sports.  This I get.

The first bout was between Auld Reekie and the Berlin Bombshells (“I say Berlin, you say BOMBSHELLS!”).  I decided to support Berlin (completely arbitrarily) and although it was a closely run thing, they only just lost out to ARRG.

And then the bout that destroyed my throat – London Brawling vs Windy City Rollers.  Oh.  My.  God.  This match was something else.  We had a group of good natured Americans screaming for their team behind us which really added to the atmosphere and I can honestly say I’ve never been so excited for sport before in my entire life.  Kamikaze Kitten was awesome – the way she leaps over anyone in her way is just incredible.  She was lead jammer for a lot of the bouts and helped London Brawling get an early lead, but the whole team were fantastic.  Towards the end of the bout, Windy City just edged ahead which made for some very tense jams.  As the game ended, Windy City had the win and my voice had cracked.

I’m gutted I didn’t decide to go on the Sunday as well – looking at the scores, it seems as though there would have been some amazing skating on that day too.

I cannot wait for my next bout, whenever that may be.  And I also can’t wait to see what t-shirt Tim will buy next.