July Things

I started July in New York which was as wonderful as ever, continued with two average weeks, and finished with a week alone as Husband is away at a work trip.  He’s off in South Africa seeing giraffes and elephants, whilst I’m sat feeling sorry for myself on the sofa.

Hot, sweaty NYC
New York in the summer is a very different city to New York in winter, but we had an awesome time, as it evidenced by my many blogs on the topic.

Hampton Court Flower Show
Still feeling a bit jet lagged, I went to Hampton Court with my Mum a couple of days after getting back from NY.  Flower of the show this year seemed to be the echinacea which I had just seen on the High Line, so I needed some of those for my garden.  It was insanely hot and really crowded, but we did get to see lots of pretty flowers.  

Guys, have you heard of this thing called Netflix?  It’s got TV shows and films… and OK so I’m very behind on this but with Husband away, I got myself a free trial.  I’ve started on Riverdale but have mostly been mainlining How I Met Your Mother.  I am so modern.

Treating myself (after a bit of pain)
I had some additional leave to take at work, so booked in an Elemis facial and Aveda hair cut last week.  Unfortunately, my two days of me time started with a horrific hour in the dentist chair – god lord, I have never experienced anything like it.  And it seemed relentless.  I felt really bad for bursting into sobs as my dentist went into overdrive with apologies, and I did make him feel quite guilty but it was just awful!

Fortunately, the facial and hair cut were 100% less stressful.  Very much needed.

A trip to Bankside
With Husband away, my Mum challenged me to find a nice, reasonably priced hotel in London so we could do a bit of shopping.  I found the Hilton Bankside which was super nice with gorgeous decor, and just behind the Tate Modern which is one of my favourite areas of London.  We spent the afternoon getting absolutely drenched, followed by a relaxing Bobbi Brown make-up lesson at Liberty, and then dinner in the hotel.  If you’re looking for somewhere reasonable to stay in London, I highly recommend it.  

RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show

Hampton Court

My Flickr is awash with photos of flowers at the moment.  A trip to the Southbank last weekend found us in the middle of the Festival of Neighbourhood with lots of pretty flowers.  And on Thursday, my Mum, my Mother-In-Law, and I had tickets for Hampton Court Flower Show.

I went for the first time last year and loved it.  I’m a terrible gardener – my garden is a home for very many weeds and until recently, was storing tyres for our old Mercedes A-Class – but there is something appealing about wandering round the stands and gardens.    Last year, we went on a preview day (and nearly literally bumped into the Duke of Kent – the fame!) but this year we decided on getting an ordinary ticket.  Wow, it was busy.  Way busier than last year.  I think the beautiful blue skies certainly helped.  At certain points it was unbearably claustrophobic which was a shame as I think I missed out on a lot of the exhibits.

It was still a really nice afternoon, especially as I got to spend time with my Mum and Mother-In-Law – sitting by the Long Water chatting was so relaxing.  I hope they both enjoyed themselves.  I consider myself very lucky that they both get along!!


David Austin Roses

The rose marquee was my favourite last year, but it was rammed full of people so I didn’t get to see very much of it.


Alliums were everywhere – I think they are the new trend for this year.  I loved them and I want them all over my garden.



By the time we got into the floral marquee, it was much quieter, and I got to see some of the flowers, like these beautiful dahlias (above) and the gorgeous foxtail lilies (below).

Foxtail lily

My pedometer told me we’d walked almost four miles by the end of the day (I’m sure at least one of those miles was the trek back to the car) but the actual show felt smaller this year.  I wasn’t too keen on the new layout as it caused too much of a bottleneck at the start, but I loved it more once the crowds died down.  I was disappointed that I didn’t get a Hampton Court tote bag – I kept seeing them everywhere but I couldn’t figure out where people had got them from!

It was such a glorious day though, despite all of my niggles.  And we got free cheese so I can’t complain too much.