I’m obsessed with the mess that’s America

I had two full days in New York entirely to myself – utter freedom to do as little or as much as I wanted.  I stayed at the Fairfield Inn and Suites near Penn Station which was perfect – perfect room, perfect location, perfect staff.  Plus I had the above view from my room – I didn’t ever close the curtains as I couldn’t get enough of it.  Waking up to that view each day was so memorable.

I decided to split the island, take the west side first and the east second.  After a quick diversion for roadworks, I made my way to the High Line – my favourite space in New York.  I hoped to walk around the Hudson Yards considering this was closed on our last trip thanks to Snowmageddon 2015.  But again, it was still not to be.

Much less snow in 2017, but still closed.  It only snowed for about 5 minutes on this visit, but they hadn’t been able to clear the snow from a few days before so kept the Hudson Yards closed.  A bit disappointed, I made my way down the rest of the High Line which was blissfully quiet, if not a bit windy.  There’s a lot of construction work around 30th St so some of the High Line is under cover – I guess there’s going to be a lot of new apartments and offices within the next couple of years (also a lot of ugly looking buildings…)

I dropped down to street level at 14th St to visit Chelsea Market – another favourite place of mine.  I had a sticky bun and some lemonade from Amy’s Bread whilst texting Husband, feeling really homesick for him at this point as we’d visited Amy’s in 2015.  As much as I enjoyed my solo trip around NY, I did experience a few pangs of sehnsucht for him.

After a further wander round the market, I carried on south to the iconic Bleecker Street.  I am in love with the whole of Greenwich Village, and Bleecker even more so.  It was so peaceful and so different to Midtown.  I decided to just give in and be a cliched tourist.  I hit Kate Spade (where I experienced the best customer service I’ve ever had), Co Bigelow, Sephora, and you guessed it, Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment.  I was having the best me-time.

So cheesy, but LOOK!  CARRIE LIVES HERE!  There were some British tourists taking selfies in front of her stoop whilst I pretended I was a local, just out for spot of shopping.  It’s such a beautiful street and whilst I felt a bit guilty for traipsing down a regular residential street, I tried to be very respectful of this.

I’m such a dork.

So after buying a beautiful Kate Spade bag and some Co Bigelow goodies, I walked back up 6th Avenue, popping in to the Container Store to see what all the fuss is about, before picking up a very late lunch from Lenwich.  I intended to have a quick nap before going out for some evening shopping, but I ended up getting sucked into TV.  The bed was too comfy, so I snuggled in and watched the sun set.

Things I love this week

There is nothing connecting the things mentioned in this post, other than they appeared in my life this week and I want to marry them all.

The Danish String Quartet
A slightly out of left field musical obsession for me, the Danish String Quartet are three Danes and a Norwegian, “your friendly neighborhood string quartet with above average amounts of beard”.  Their Wood Works album has been on constant rotation for me for the past few days.  One review says “Every now and then a disc creeps into your ears and stages a peaceful protest, politely but determinedly refusing to leave” – the reviewer couldn’t be more accurate.
Danish String QuartetThe first song I heard of theirs was Waltz after Lasse in Lyby (thanks, Google Sound Search!), however the song that has made me regret all of my musical choices for my wedding is the Sønderho Bridal Trilogy – part II, a Danish folk song which makes my soul soar.

It has also led to the discovery of a wonderful Danish word – hipsterhår

Pretty Scandi boys playing stringed instruments – is there anything better?  (So pretty – I have a giant crush on Rune Tonsgaard Sørensen).  Why wasn’t I born Danish?  Speaking of which…

The Year of Living Danishly
This book is making me miss Copenhagen like nothing else, even though it’s set in Jutland.  It’s also making me desperately wish we’d had the chance to live there.  Working for Lego, of course.  One day.

Ridiculous clutch bags
I bought my first Kate Spade bag.  I imagine I’ll only use it once in my life and never again, but I don’t care – it’s red, glittery, and has HORNS.

Kate Spade clutch bag

Kate Spade Place Your Bets Ravi

Naturally, Husband hates it.

My new tattoo
My fourth tattoo (fifth time being tattooed) was done at the Black Rabbit Tattoo Collective in Newbury.  I had an idea to get a tattoo of the deer I met last year at Fleet Pond, and fell in love with Jessi James’ geometric designs soon after.  Jessi designed such a beautiful piece for me!

Jessi James Tattoo

I love the pattern work in combination with the watercolour style – it’s more perfect than I thought it could be.  Deer have been a repeating theme in my life.  They’re are the symbol for my home town and my current town, and the ‘mascot’ for my Uni workplace.  They were always part of our family stories when I was a kid, as my Dad worked in a forest (basically) surrounded by deer.  He, my brother, and I would see them wandering around site, but my poor Mum always missed them.  She thought we were making it up to annoy her.  Essentially, I love deer, so I slapped one on my leg.

Apologies to Tim for yet another picture of my pale legs.