Relaxation Rooms, Guildford

Relaxation Rooms1After a fairly stressful couple of weeks at work, I found myself in desperate need for some me-time.  With Husband off in Texas for work and nothing much else going on, I booked a last minute evening ESPA Serene Scalp Soother massage at the Relaxation Rooms in Guildford.

The day spa is situated at the top of town in a lovely three storey house behind a very unassuming front door.  It’s much the same as the other salons I go to, but the main difference is the incredibly cosy room at the top of the house solely for relaxing.  It makes the place quite distinctive and a real treat.

I visited at about 7pm on a Thursday for my massage, and after slipping into a robe and flip flops, was shown to the relaxation room to wait for my treatment.  I had lovely fruity water, and snuggled into the chair to wait.  There were several beds as well which I was tempted to get into, but I didn’t want to risk getting too cosy.  The only negative I could find was the selection of magazines which all seemed to be Surrey advertorials.  All my stuff was in my bag in the lockers downstairs so I didn’t have my kindle with me – I wish I was a bit more prepared.

Relaxation Rooms2My massage was glorious – a 40 minute head, neck, and shoulder massage in addition to a conditioning treatment which left my hair super soft.  I could have easily fallen asleep and really had to wake myself up before driving home.  I could have done with another several hours of treatments but I think they were closing up so it was only fair that I left.

Relaxation Rooms3
Luckily, I had another treatment booked with my Mum the following weekend.  I had promised her a manicure last Christmas but with everything that’s been going on this year, we haven’t really had the opportunity to book it.  The luxury manicure that the Relaxation Rooms has comes with a scalp and shoulder massage so seemed like a good option.

My manicure was great, although the massage was with my dress on still (and shoes – it felt weird getting on  the bed with shoes on) so wasn’t quite as good as the one a couple of nights before.  The varnish they use is Morgan Taylor, and I’m not a huge fan of that brand but my mani came out well, and still has minimal chips a week later.

Even though we had the same treatment booked, my Mum’s was slightly different as she got her hands wrapped in a hot towel (jealous) and a sit down massage, and although she enjoyed the treatment as a whole, the vanish just didn’t stick to her nails, smudging instantly, some of it coming completely off.  She was a bit disappointed.

We’re now on the lookout for another place to go.  I already have a couple of ideas, and I know they won’t be as relaxing as this place but hopefully we can find somewhere where we can both leave with good nails.

What do we treat ourselves to?

Cowshed Carnaby StreetI seem to have built up an excess of leave at work so I need to start take odd days here and there until the end of July.  It’s quite nice in a way – I’m barely going to be working a full week for the next three months  (which I could get dangerously used to).

Last Friday, I took my first random day and instead of lounging around in my PJs, I dragged myself up to London for a manicure at the Cowshed Spa in Carnaby Street.

I can’t even remember the series of mouseclicks that led me to the Cowshed or having a manicure, but it definitely was the right decision.  I got to the store far too early but was offered a drink whilst I waited and perused the shelves.  My favourite Cowshed scent is Knackered Cow so I sniffed my way through the lotions, gels, and assorted bottles but it was soon time for me to take a seat for my hour-long manicure.

Yep, an hour.  Oh, it was lush.  I’d chosen the “Ultimate Cowshed Manicure” as I wasn’t in any rush and as soon as I sat down in the comfy armchairs at the back of the store, I instantly relaxed.  I was glad that I’d booked the maximum amount of time possible to sit and do nothing.

It started with a good old nail filing and cuticle attacking.  I had confessed to Catherine (my technician) that the last mani I had made blood pour from my cuticles and I was a bit nervous – she looked at me like I was mad and told me that this definitely shouldn’t have happened.  Good to know.  After this, she exfoliated my hands, slathered them in moisturising mask and wrapped them in a hot towel.  You have never experienced pure joy until you’ve had your hands wrapped in a hot towel.

And as if that wasn’t enough, the manicure comes with a head and shoulder massage.  OMG.  I really had to fight the urge to fall asleep.  My mani ended with the traditional application of nail varnish – I’d chosen Candy Shop and Beach Please although I did keep changing my mind – and then I was given some time to allow the polish to dry.

Cowshed Manicure
And take photos of it, of course.

I then went and ruined all of the lovely relaxing by navigating my way around central London in the rain for a bit of shopping.  Honestly, I think London in the wet is the most miserable place on earth and I really spoiled my lovely mood.

But it’s ok, I’ve already decided to take my Mum to the Cowshed for her birthday next month, so I’ll selflessly get another mani at the same time.  I’m such a good daughter.