Sticker Swaps Subscription – part 2

A couple of months ago, the lovely people at Stickers Swaps contacted me to see if I’d like to review their stickers subscription service.  They emailed again to let me know they’ve been making changes to the monthly mailouts, so wondered if I’d like another set.

I love the new packaging they have – very smart, with the link to this month’s stickers across the top.  They’ve also focussed their selection a bit – instead of lots of random stickers, they’ve decided to send 10 “featured artists” stickers, so the quality is maintained at a really high level.

There’s lots of great designs, like Emma Brett‘s skulls and Steve Hind‘s moka pot.  I picked out my favourite three which just happened to be from the same artist.

These very adorable burger, tomato, and Stay Puft man stickers are by Cocorino who also sells through his own Etsy shop.  His Instagram is full of great designs.

If you like what you see, use the code UNTOLD50 for 50% off the first month which can be used on any of their subscription options.

Thanks guys – am loving the changes!

Sticker Swaps Subscription

Sticker_Swaps_1I loved stickers when I was younger.  I remember sticking a bunch on my bedroom furniture (which naturally irritated my mother) but I also used to get really precious about them.  I’d get a bit sad at the thought of sticking them on a notebook or my wardrobe door and then not being able to stick them anywhere else.  It got to the point that I wasn’t actually sticking them anyway for fear of running out or wasting them.

I suppose that’s what makes Sticker Swaps so fun.  For $9.99 a month, you get a whole bunch of stickers – some random, some specifically chosen – so you’ll never have to worry about running out.  You can cover your wardrobe door to your heart’s content.  James from Sticker Swaps contacted me to ask if I wanted to try out their November selection, which piqued my interest – I haven’t seen a sticker subscription box before so was keen to try it out.

Enough of the chat and on to the photos.

Sticker_Swaps_2I was sent a really great selection of high quality stickers.  The November ‘box’ (I’m a bit late with this review) features stickers from Blackwing pencils, tattoo artist Stabby Gabby, and Montreal-based artist Mictoon amongst others.

My favourites were these two:

This adorable hamster was designed by Sarah Johnson from Cardiff.  It’s so cute!  I also LOVE this retro “Live to Explore the Day” sticker by Jay at Live Design Co which has a real Firewatch vibe to it.

So now I need to just get over my sticker-placement related anxiety and stick them somewhere!

They’ve put more info about the designers on their blog  and if you’d like to subscribe, you can get 50% off your first box with the code blog50.

Thank you to Sticker Swap who sent me the stickers to review.  All opinions are my own.