Day Fifteen: Boston, MA – London, UK

Newbury Street
Newbury Street

Miles travelled
Walked about 11 apparently.  Then about 4 miles in a taxi.  And finally about 3200 miles to London

Where we stayed
Back in our boring bungalow in England.  BOO!

Where we ate
Lunch at Starbucks.
Dinner on the plane – I had a pasta thing and Husband had chicken (I think).

Day Fifteen

I clearly got the holiday blues bad as I didn’t write in my notebook about our last day in Boston, so this is all from memory.

We woke up to a city not on fire – thank goodness.  We read that there had been a mini-riot with someone’s car getting overturned but that was it.  We checked out and left our bags at the hotel (whilst seeing all the champagne that we didn’t get at check-in – grrr) and started our walk to the Museum of Fine Arts.  There was an exhibit of modernist photography which I was looking forward to see and we wanted to have a look at the main exhibits as well.  We walked the 2ish miles, passed Northeastern University (into the Starbucks for brunch) – it was a really nice walk.

Thank goodness it was a nice walk, as if we’d had a terrible walk, the admission price would have stung a lot more.  We couldn’t quite understand what we were seeing when the machine in the lobby told us the price was $25 each, so had to double check at the ticket office.  Yes, it really was $25.  I now appreciate more than ever living in the UK and having access to the most beautiful pieces of art and history for FREE in the V&A or the Tate.  We decided against paying the fee, and instead decided to go to the mall – that’ll teach you, fancy museum!

We went back down Huntington Avenue to the Prudential Center and had a look around a couple of shops.  We then decided to walk back down Newbury Street which was a very pleasant area.  Lots of lovely boutique shops and cafes – really nice. We decided then to walk around the Public Garden, and had a sit down by the lake for a bit. It was weird to not see many people out on their lunch break like you would in London, but I guess it was a little cooler so perhaps all the workers stayed in for their lunch.

Public Garden
Boston Public Garden

For the past couple of days, we had crossed over the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway to get to various other places, but we decided to spend a little bit more time walking through it, so cut through Chinatown to get to the parks.  The Greenway used to be Route 93, but when this was re-routed underground, Boston decided to make the old road into a series of parks.  It was a really lovely space, but it was a little bit frustrating to have to cross the roads that dissect the park.  We wandered through Dewey Square Park and the Fort Point Channel Parks, and up to the Harbor where we followed the shoreline around Downtown and Fort Point.

Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway

Having expected to spend a couple of hours in the MFA, we had now run out of things to do – not that we’d done everything that could be done, but we hadn’t planned a back up, and our phones were running out of power.  So we walked back to the hotel, shoved our bags in a taxi and went over to the airport.  We were genuinely expecting it the ride to take longer than it did but i think it took about 10 minutes.  We then thought it would take ages to get through security, but that was really quick as well.  All the things that should have taken ages didn’t which left us all the time in the world to wait for the flight.

We settled in for a couple of hours wait with books, magazines, and M&Ms, and tried to ignore the incredibly annoying mother and child behind us.  There were members of staff dressed up in Wizard of Oz costumes for Halloween handing out candy which was very cute.

And then we boarded the plane and I loaded up The Heat on the IFE to watch over dinner.  Once again, the system had to be rebooted (seriously Delta, sort it out) and then mine randomly restarted as second time, so I watched the first 15 minutes on fast forward a couple of times.  Husband dozed for a bit, whilst I moved on to Bridesmaids. and then a couple of episodes of New Girl.  It felt like we got to London in no time at all and quite comfortably, but my ankle had swollen up ridiculously on the flight so I limped to meet my Mum at arrivals at Heathrow Terminal 4.

Half an hour later, we were back home on our sofa.  It would take another couple of days for us to stop wondering where the hell we were – Husband hallucinated being back in an American hotel room on the Friday as he tried to stay awake to combat jet lag, and I had several moments where I woke up at 2am and  I couldn’t figure out which room I was in.  I think we back to relative normal now, but we’re still missing America dreadfully.

Now we just need to decide where to go next.  To Expedia!

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