Just totally Clueless

Sadly, this isn’t a recent photo

I feel compelled to write this post after a little bit of an unnerving walk home.

I am very fortunate that I can drive to work.  Some days, it’s ridiculously frustrating and can take me a stupid amount of time to get in, but it’s far better than my alternative.  I’m also very fortunate to live a 15 minute walk away from the train station if, on days like this, my car is off the road.  For most of the year, it’s a genuinely lovely walk (as above) around a beautiful nature reserve, and the most worrying thing about it is the gangs of swans roaming the pond.

However in winter, the walk is pitch black at home time and you have to rely on a torch to navigate around the path.  Which would be fine, if it wasn’t for men trying their hardest to be creepy.

Here’s a plea – Men, please have more awareness of the terrifying effect you have on some women when you walk DIRECTLY BEHIND THEM in the pitch black.  Get the hint when the woman slows down or speeds up, and just go passed them.  In particular, don’t FOLLOW them when they try to get out of the way down side street.

I just had a guy overtake me on the walk back from the station, and then stop a few feet in front of me to check his phone, meaning I then overtook him.  He then did everything I’ve just described, and whilst I am positive he wasn’t even thinking about doing anything bad, he also wasn’t thinking about how freaked out he might have been making me.  I eventually stopped and pretended to look in my bag after a diversion into a side street, forcing him to overtake me, before I doubled back on myself.  Come on, guy.  Do you not understand how weird you are?

Thankfully, I was able to continue my walk home without anymore creepiness.  Except from the swans who of course are creeps and jerks.

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One thought on “Just totally Clueless

  1. If it feels like there’s a guy following me, I’ll do the whole whip my phone out thing and stop to wait for them to pass. But yeah, usually it’s just totally unintentional! I hope men around the world are reading this. And begin walking with clown shoes.

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