Not Another Bill – September and October 2014 box

NAB Oct1September escaped without me blogging about my Not Another Bill gift.  I photographed it when I received it, wasn’t happy with the photos… then forgot to re-photograph.  Ooops.

NAB SeptThis was the only salvageable photo – the gift was a PegBoard by Block Design.  I didn’t love it when I first unwrapped the packaging, and I think if I had received one of their colour boards then I would have warmed to it instantly.  In Natural, it just strikes me as being a bit too functional, and reminded me a little of the terrible display boards I used to have in the shop I managed many moons ago.  The pegs are very cute though – lots of pastel colours – and I do still have my necklaces hanging on it so at least it’s getting some use!  Block Design’s other items are gorgeous though, and I’ll be putting some of those on my Christmas list.

On to October.

NAB Oct2October’s gift arrived in a very shiny envelope which I tore open immedietly to discover some BEAUTIFUL stationery (I felt like I was cheating on Present and Correct by liking them).

A stunning brass ruler and 6 brass paperclips, all embossed with the Eclectic By Tom Dixon logo.  I am super happy with this present, and with NAB for introducing me to Tom Dixon.  I really need to rethink my career to be more befitting of them – something like a 1950s draftsman with my own office in Manhattan.  Or something.

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