What I didn’t do in New York – Part two

NY2015_hDespite having another five days to tick off items from what we didn’t do in New York last March, we still have so much we didn’t do.

  • Visit or even see the Statue of Liberty – still nope.
  • Go to the New York Public Library – another big nope.
  • Eat at Big Gay Ice Cream every day – probably not a good idea in a blizzard. 
  • Visit the original Shake Shack in Madison Square Park – ditto
  • Visit a book shop – Barnes and Noble will have to do
  • Buy the hard copy of Divergent I need for my collection – Barnes and Noble didn’t have it!
  • Go below 9th Street – we went pretty much all the way to the bottom.  Woo!
  • Visit the Upper East Side – I can tick this off but only just.
  • Go to Whole Foods – still no.  Damnit.
  • Go to Brooklyn, or see the Brooklyn Bridge – next time…
  • Take the Staten Island Ferry – too cold!
  • Ride in a taxi – no need!
  • Properly explore Central Park I feel happy that we’ve done this.
  • Go to the Guggenheim or the Met – We thought about going, but they were closed 😦
  • Shop at Macy’s – ran out of time
  • Tour the Lincoln Center – closed for blizzard 😦
  • Visit the UN – Hmmm, kind of.  Well, we went passed it.

I need to do more of the East Village next time.  I want to see some greenery on the High Line.  I want to see less of the tourist districts.  I think we’re done with Midtown so I’ll need to research some hotels downtown, in Chelsea, or Tribeca.  Admittedly, it’s probably going to be a while before we’re back in NY, but I thought that last time and 9 months later, back we went.

Day one – Let me know, when you want to leave this island
Day two – These streets will make you feel brand new
Day three – I get the news I need on the weather report
Day four – Let me hear your 50 words for snow
Day five – Leaving New York, never easy

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