We never check the price tag

Wembley outletMy February has been so boring.  I’ve mainly been driving from outlet to outlet trying to find the perfect shoes which I’m fairly certain don’t exist, but that’s really it.  I guess I had enough fun in January to last me two months, which is good as it means things aren’t so spendy.  I’ve probably spent most of my money this month on books.

March is looking a little busier.  Some BFI action, a couple of conferences, and then we’re into Easter and my next holiday.  Woo!  Not that I’m looking to wish my life away but I always feel a little antsy with nothing in my calendar.

Husband and I are thinking a lot about our next overseas holiday as well, and on a miserable day like today, there’s nothing I like more than thinking of a warm place.  Florida is near the top of the list as we’ve found this quiet island  that we’re desperate to visit.  Picturing us on the beach with cocktails – heaven.

I’ve also finally got a copy of Obvious Child on DVD (I wanted Blu-Ray but I gave up on looking for that), so now I’m going to snuggle down under this conveniently placed blanket to watch it.

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