Misty watercolour memories

Central Park SkierI’ve had to take a bit of break from my normal life over the past couple of weeks for one reason or another, but all the news on the 2016 blizzard is making me nostalgic for our blizzard experience, so thought I’d read through all my posts from this time last year.

5th Avenue in the SnowHusband and I have been discussing our memories of those few days and we differ slightly – my glasses have more of a rose tint than his.  He remembers freaking out about being stuck in New York, not being able to get back for his new job which was starting the following week.  I remember SNOW!  AMAZING BEAUTIFUL SNOW!

High Line in the snowA little part of me (OK, a big part of me) would love to be holed up in a New York hotel right now, watching the snow out of the window.  Especially because we’ve had barely a millimetre of the stuff over here.  Our next holiday will most likely be warm, so I am really feeling my lack of snow and I live in hope that we have a late winter here.

New York BlizzardFor now, I’ll just have to make do with my misty watercolour memories of the 2015 blizzard (which ultimately never lived up to the hype).

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