Not Another Bill – February 2016 review

NAB Feb2016It’s starting to feel a bit like Not Another Bill have given up.

Last month was a duplicate gift, this month is napkins.  Yes.  Napkins.

NAB Feb2016_2I mean, they’re very nice napkins.  Seemingly well made, designs reminiscent of semaphore flags.  I already knew what they were before I opened the package as I had seen people ranting on Twitter so wasn’t surprised.  Two things leap out at me though:

  1. They’re not branded – this isn’t a collaboration or some iconic Scandi set.  This is just NAB.
  2. They’re NAPKINS.

I just cannot get excited about them, and this is the second disappointing month in a row.  We’ll see what March brings.

2 thoughts on “Not Another Bill – February 2016 review

  1. My daughters were so excited about this idea…..however, I must say I am very disappointed with the gifts. The first month produced a chopping board, nice but ordinary. The second month nautical napkins!! Not exciting or particularly usable if navy is not your colour scheme. This month I received a magnifying glass. Month by month disappointment – I am so sad at the waste of money spent by my daughters which they could ill afford.

    1. Aww, that’s a shame – NAB did start off with some really great gifts but the last couple of months have been a bit lacklustre. Hope your gifts improve soon!

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