Not Another Bill – May and June review

I will get back to some kind of normal with this blog at some point.  For now, a quick catch up on my recent Not Another Bill presents.

NAB_May1May was meh.  Pretty enough, but I’m just so tired of these bland homeware items – how can I get excited about a table runner?

Particularly when I don’t have a dining room.

NAB point out that the linen runner from DaTerra could also be used as a hand towel or scarf, but could it?  Could it really?  I have now removed the “Homeware” option from my subscription because it was getting a little too… boring.

Cute packaging though.


June is something completely different than anything I’ve had before.  Hurrah!

NAB_June1I do like an item with some simple packaging.  A very nice box containing:

NAB_June2A very nice pair of sunnies from See Concept, a french company who sell sunglasses, reading glasses, and “screen” glasses.  I love the cute tortoiseshell colour, but not 100% convinced that the shape suits me.  I have #D, but I think I would have preferred #E – I’m debating about asking if I can swap them.

Still, these will come in useful.  I have prescription sunglasses, but I found that on my recent lazy Miami holiday, I couldn’t read my Kindle with my prescription lenses.

A good NAB month.

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