The Pineapple, Dunmore

I am so behind with blogging since getting back from Scotland.  I really want to write about what we got up to, and the amazing house we stayed in, but I have come down with a massive case of the come-downs.  Living in the real world in England is just not as fun as living in a pineapple in Scotland.

Yes, that’s right, a pineapple.

Pineapple_2We’re now up to our fourth Landmark Trust property, and I think this one is their most iconic building.  The Pineapple in Dunmore was built by (essentially) a crazy rich man, who wanted to boast about how rich he was by sticking a massive pineapple on his summer house.  Lord Dunmore was a mad genius.

It goes without saying that the Landmark trust have restored the property to an excellent standard, with a cosy living room, lovely kitchen, two bedrooms and a nice bathroom.  You did have to go outside to get to the bed/bathroom ‘wing’ of the house, but that didn’t bother us too much.

In all honesty though, you don’t stay here for the interior.  You stay here because you want to sleep underneath a bloody massive pineapple.  We spent ages out the front, out the back; photographing during the day, at night – it was utterly freezing, but how could you not want to photograph this beauty from every angle?

Pineapple_1The front gardens were open to the public – I knew this, but wasn’t quite prepared for a dog walker to catch me opening the curtains in my PJs.  We could have had it worse though – the log book tells of ramblers making all kinds of demands on the residents! 

Pineapple_6As the back of the house was a farmers field, and beautiful snow-capped mountains.  It was so picturesque, it was enough to make you weep.

As we pulled into the little parking area on the first night, we heard this incredible noise, and looked up to see hundreds of geese practicing their migration. This continued the next morning as well.  We often have geese flying overhead at home, but this was just something else.  I had to film it

It was such a wonderful base for our Scottish trip, and I would go back (if only I didn’t already have a long list of other LMT properties to stay at!)


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