I left my soul there, down by the sea

Our overnight trips to Brighton follow a well established routine:

Last weekend was much the same, with one excellent new addition.

We stayed at The Grand again, and took advantage of their renovations to get a heavily discounted sea front room.  We got such a great room – huge, with a separate dressing room and lovely bathroom.  It was bigger than my house, and the only (tiny) downside was the scaffolding at the front.

We could still see the sea!

The excellent new addition to our Brighton schedule is Befries on West Street, mere metres from our hotel.  Befries sells Belgian fries.  That’s it.  Doesn’t sound very exciting, but OH MY GOD, they are the most amazing fries ever.  Even more exciting than that, they offer a mad selection of dips and offered us as many to try as we wanted.Now let me see if I can remember what we had; Belgian mayo, curry ketchup, sate, Dutch mayo, frites sauce, Hannibal (an onion sauce), and one other which I’ve forgotten!  One of them tasted like pickled onion Monster Munch which went so perfect with the fluffy fries.  We actually only chose a couple of dips to start with, but one of the guys behind the counter convinced us to get more – they are such a friendly team and were so welcoming.

It’s definitely my new favourite place.

Which we’ll be going back to in a couple of weeks as we’ve decided to book another quick trip whilst the scaffolding is still up.   And to get more fries. YES!

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