September Things

There has been a distinct lack of posts this month, due to the fact that in my industry, September is crazy times.  That’s not to say it’s been all work and no fun and there were two particularly awesome things I did which I haven’t had a chance to blog about which I’ll briefly mention.

They’re back
As already mentioned, this month is start of academic year madness.  At least we were expecting the madness though – it happens every year so it’s doesn’t take us by surprise.  I did have a last minute meeting at another university which I had to fly to however.  That was definitely unexpected, and involved me getting up at 4.30am, driving to Heathrow for my 7am plane, 4 hours of meeting, then flying home at 8pm.  It felt like a long day, but I did manage to squeeze a facial into the afternoon whilst waiting for my flight home so it wasn’t all bad.

Green hair, do care
I’ve always scoffed at people who accidentally turn their hair green.  I’ve been dying my hair since I was 18 and believed myself to be a bit of an expert.  Which is why it came as a bit of a shock when my hair went from reddy-purple to godawful green a few weekends ago.  That’ll teach me to be smug

Grown-up perfume
I’ve never really worn fragrance, other than the old cliche of Vera Wang on my wedding day, but having experienced Byredo scents in the many Liberty advent calendars over the past few years, I started to become a bit obsessed with them.  I’m a semi-frequent visitor to their counter in Liberty and can never resist a spritz, and fell in love with Velvet Haze when it was released, so my Mum bought me some for my birthday.  My first grown-up perfume.

Richard Ayoade
One of the fun things I managed to do was see Richard Ayoade interviewed by Adam Buxton for Guardian Live.  I’ll be posting about that at some point.

Theatre Nerds Day
The final day of September was spent wandering round the South Bank on two tours – one of the National Theatre, the other of the Soutbank Centre.  Blog post to follow about this as well.

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