Brooklands Hotel

 Onto my next hotel visit – the Christmas gift stay. A couple of Christmases ago, my in-laws gifted us one of those hotel stay gift vouchers which was very generous of them.  I went on the website, validated the voucher code (or whatever it is you needed to do) and then didn’t do anything with … More Brooklands Hotel

Hilton London Bankside

My second hotel visit of the month – the non-refundable stay. A few months ago, my Mum and I discovered the Hilton London Bankside – it was perfectly located for our impromptu shopping trip, exceptionally well appointed, and not stupidly expensive.  So when Husband and I decided to stay overnight after the Flight of the … More Hilton London Bankside

March 2018 Things

My mind throughout this month was dominated by one thing: Work It has been one of those months.  You know the ones – you think you’ve planned for every eventuality but then something comes out of left field and completely derails you.  Always fun.  As well as doing my best impression of someone who is … More March 2018 Things