Pullman Liverpool Hotel

I’m in the middle of a quite hotel-heavy month – for one reason or another, I’ve spent more days away from home than normal, and whilst I don’t mind it, I’m very grateful that they’ve all been good hotels so far.

First up – the work stay.

I travelled to Liverpool for a conference a couple of weeks ago and stayed at the very lovely Pullman Liverpool.  It was perfectly placed for the Arena and Convention Centre next door, and only a 10/15 minute walk away from town so there was plenty of opportunity for me to visit Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar and the rest of the Liverpool One.

I loved this hotel – everyone was super friendly, the furnishings were beautiful, and most importantly, the toiletries were Co Bigelow.  My favourite brand ever (which I have talked about a lot).   I’d definitely stay here again.

Admittedly, it was very weird being in Liverpool.  About a lifetime ago, I spent a few years in the city but it has changed so radically since then.  I really struggled to find my way around, and I was so disorientated for most of my visit.  It was genuinely like I was visiting for the first time.  I popped in to town a couple of times for emergency coffee and an even more emergency manicure and I really enjoyed it (I don’t remember enjoying it that much a decade ago…).

The area around the Pullman was very quiet but I’m sure that was mostly because it was freezing down by the Mersey.  No one was riding the Liverpool Wheel and the Albert Dock was almost empty.  That suited me fine!

I was of course there to work so spent most of the time in the conference centre (to be fair, it was nice conference centre) so I couldn’t get away with sneaking off too often.  There’s always a new government regulation to grapple with, always colleagues to catch-up with.  We were lucky enough to be treated to an epic gala dinner at the phenomenal St George’s Hall – what an amazing venue.

All this followed by a painful train journey home, which made me remember all those times I hated travelling to and from the North West (although that did make me learn to drive so there’s a positive spin!).  I’m sure I’ll be back one day though.

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