December 2019 Things

For some indeterminate reason, my blogging really tailed off towards the end of 2019. I definitely still enjoy it, but the last year of the decade seemed much quieter for me than previous years. It’s hard to find inspiration when all you’re doing is working and sleeping! I’m sincerely hoping that 2020 has a lot more for me than 2019!

Liberty Advent Calendar
Another year, another Liberty advent calendar. Was there anything revolutionary in the 2019 version? Honestly, no, but I still find it immensely enjoyable. See you next year, Liberty.

Christmas in Norfolk
We (being me, Husband, and my Mum) decided to check out of Christmas this year and found a gloriously quiet barn in the middle of the Norfolk countryside. Hopefully a blog post will follow because we had such a lovely time.

Seals at Horsey Gap
Technically part of our Norfolk trip, but I had to have a separate entry on the list for the incredible seals at Horsey and Winterton. From October to March, thousands of seals descend on the beaches and dunes along the Norfolk coast to have their babies. We walked to Horsey on Boxing Day, really not knowing what to expect, but they were everywhere, including on the paths. It was amazing – truly a memorable sight.

Everyman Wokingham
Visits to the cinema are few and far between for me these days, but Husband was desperate to see the new Star Wars. Luckily, a brand new Everyman cinema has just opened about 20 minutes away, so I was more than happy to indulge him. It’s great cinema (and I have enough photos for a separate post. Promises promises).


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