Not Another Bill – November and December 2014 boxes

I forgot to post about my NAB November box again – I only realised when I came to post December’s box.  Oops.

NABNovFor November, my gift was this very pretty wash bag from Cabbages and Roses.  It has a really delicate print to it, and despite living in a house with a million and one washbags (I always seem to get them for Christmas), I think this is my favourite.  It’s the kind of bag someone in their mid-thirties should have.  It also came with a bamboo toothbrush and a mini-tube of Marvis toothpaste which I’m saving for my next trip away.


I knew I was on to a winner with the December gift when I unwrapped a drawstring Ferm Living bag.  I’ve had a very small obsession with Ferm Living for a while, having window shopped their stuff in Copenhagen and then received a Ferm Living frame in another NAB box so this was a promising start.

NABDec1Inside the bag was a very heavy hexagon bottle opener.  It’s solid brass and IS SO SHINY!  It’s currently living on my kitchen window sill (with my Danish letters) as it’s too pretty to put in a drawer.

Not Another Bill – June 2014 box

NAB June

OK, Not Another Bill.  It’s time to own up.  You’ve been stalking me.  It’s the only way to explain sending me a chopping board last month, and now sending me this:

NAB frame

You followed me into that department store in Copenhagen 3 months ago.  You saw me dithering in front of the Ferm Living display, debating whether or not to buy a wooden frame.  You knew I decided against it as I didn’t have much room in my luggage, and then immediately regretted it when I got home.  You sneaky, clever, magnificent bastards.


Not only do I know own my own Ferm Living/NAB engraved frame, but I’ve also got a limited edition print called “Not-Another… Splat”.  The gold foil is so SHINY!


So I’m on to you, NAB.  I’m going to be constantly looking behind me now, waiting for you to start taking notes when I’m up in Edinburgh next week, pottering around the shops.  I’m only going to be picking up the good stuff, so get ready.

There’s no other explanation for NAB consistently sending me amazing presents.  Except for maybe witchcraft.




Iconic Nyhavn

Having a husband who works for a Danish company means that every now and again, I get an (almost) free trip to Copenhagen.  I haven’t been for about a year, and I was starting to get withdrawal symptoms so when Husband started planning meetings with his Danish co-workers, I started planning shopping and sightseeing.

It was lovely and cold when I landed on Tuesday (but not quite cold enough for snow – boo!) and after checking in to the hotel, we went straight out to Tight for dinner.  I hadn’t been here before, but it was perfect – perfect food, perfect atmosphere, perfect music playlist, and we had a really great evening.

Wednesday morning, and Husband went off to work (aww, sad), leaving me to have a very lazy morning.  I had a late breakfast in Baresso when I got to Fields Mall.  I was a few days too early for their 10th birthday celebration, but I still had a good morning of window shopping.

I had a three day pass on the Metro so I figured I may as well use it, so from Ørestad I took the M1 back up to Christianshavn, changed over to the M2 and got out at Øresund.  I had clicked around my phone that morning in the hotel room trying to find random things to do, and one of the things that popped up was Amager Strandpark – a beach park a few miles south of the city centre.  Even though it was February, it was so lovely and I spent a couple of hours wandering on the beach taking photos.

Back on the Metro at Femøren, and I got back to the room about an hour before Husband got back from work after spending quite a lot of money on a mocha.  With the addition of Google Now into my life, I had a regular reminder of the exchange rate right there on my phone, so for the first time I had a bit more awareness of how much stuff cost.  That was a mistake – I’d rather not know!  My mocha (with an extra shot of espresso) was £5.60.  £5.60!!!  No one ever said Copenhagen was cheap, so thank god for the free stuff I had found to do.

That evening, we went to Halifax which is my favourite restaurant in the entire world.  I could happily eat here every single day.  Not even exaggerating.

Thursday was another lazy day, with a slow walk down to the Royal Library for breakfast and some reading (you have to read in a library of course).  I walked around Strøget after that, stopping in at Illums Bolighus and Magasin Du Nord for some wish list lusting.

We got home late Thursday, and my whirlwind trip to Copenhagen left me so so tired.  Thank goodness it didn’t leave me broke as well – it’s a very good job I didn’t have any luggage allowance otherwise I would have bought pretty much everything in the above photos.