Not Another Bill – June 2014 box

NAB June

OK, Not Another Bill.  It’s time to own up.  You’ve been stalking me.  It’s the only way to explain sending me a chopping board last month, and now sending me this:

NAB frame

You followed me into that department store in Copenhagen 3 months ago.  You saw me dithering in front of the Ferm Living display, debating whether or not to buy a wooden frame.  You knew I decided against it as I didn’t have much room in my luggage, and then immediately regretted it when I got home.  You sneaky, clever, magnificent bastards.


Not only do I know own my own Ferm Living/NAB engraved frame, but I’ve also got a limited edition print called “Not-Another… Splat”.  The gold foil is so SHINY!


So I’m on to you, NAB.  I’m going to be constantly looking behind me now, waiting for you to start taking notes when I’m up in Edinburgh next week, pottering around the shops.  I’m only going to be picking up the good stuff, so get ready.

There’s no other explanation for NAB consistently sending me amazing presents.  Except for maybe witchcraft.


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