Day Two: Rockport, MA – Salem, MA – Wolfeboro, NH

Witch House, Salem, MA

Miles travelled

Where we stayed
Inn on Main, Wolfeboro, New Hampshire

Where we ate
Naughty fast food in Newburyport for lunch.
Dinner was at the Inn on Main and was amazing – I had grilled chicken in a balsamic vinaigrette, Husband had steak and mashed potato.  Dessert was chocolate pudding and summer berry cheesecake.

Day Two

We woke up at about 5, still on England time, but we snoozed until 6 and slowly got dressed and packed before going over to the lobby for breakfast.  There was a good spread of cereals and juices, and I got a waffle made for me (YUM).  We got ourselves together, and left at about 8.30 to get to Salem.

Being close to Halloween, I was really looking forward to Salem.  I’d read about all the Halloween happenings going on in October, and wanted to immerse myself in the history of the place.  Unfortunately, we left quite disappointed.   It was still early when we got there, and the town was still waking up with some stalls being set up and shops just starting to open.  We decided to go down to Derby Wharf/Salem Harbor straight away.  It was really beautiful, and really peaceful as we walked down to the lighthouse.  We grabbed a coffee at a great coffee shop called Jaho, and sat in Salem Common, watching as hoards of children on school trips traipsed passed us.

Salem Harbor
Salem Harbor

Desperate for some more history, we went over to the Witch House on Essex Street.  It was nice to see some 17th century artefacts and I enjoyed learning about the owners of the house.  I think I expected a bit more about the witch trials, and I think some of the things were replicas, but it was fairly priced so we liked it.

We then had a wander around Salem and that’s where it kind of fell flat – it was so commercial.  The stalls had all been set up and many of them were very cheesy.  The shops sold a lot of crap and it just felt so so tacky.  Maybe we looked in the wrong areas, but we decided to give up on Salem after going through the ‘mall’ which was just awful and off putting.  Oh well.

So after not spending a great deal of time at Salem, we carried on up the I-95 to Wolfeboro in New Hampshire, with a very quick stop at the services in Newburyport for a naughty Big Mac.  It was an amazing drive, and we definitely saw some foliage!  We got to Wolfeboro at about 2.30 and checked in to the Inn on Main.  Wow!  I loved this room – beautiful white linens, dark hardwood floor, really nice bathroom.  LOVED IT!  It all felt very new and I could quite happily have spent a week here.

We jumped back in the car to drive into town and I fell in love again.  It had a similar feel to Rockport and had some great little shops.  After a wander, we found the Cotton Valley Rail Trail and spent a couple of hours walking next to Lake Wentworth.

Lake Wentworth, NH

After an amazing walk, we went back to Wolfeboro town and sat on Lake Winnipesaukee watching the sail boats as the sun set.  When it started to get a bit cooler, we went back to the hotel and decided to dine there as well.  Being a little bit out of season, the Inn on Maine Bistro was relatively quiet, but we still had a really lovely meal.  It was our waitress’s first night and she was excellent – it didn’t even feel like it was her first night!

Full of great food and quite sleepy, we walked the few steps to our room and snuggled into bed to watch Undercover Boss.

2 thoughts on “Day Two: Rockport, MA – Salem, MA – Wolfeboro, NH

  1. It all looks so very pretty. Shame about Salem. In my head I’m envisioning you walking through Salem from Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

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